Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hello All,
How have you been?
Last week, we started moving the library, and we now have the whole collection at our temporary location. We had to be out of the old location by 11/29, so this is wonderful. It's been so much fun. Unfortunately, now that we have the whole collection moved, it's back to normal tasks, and I won't be using my muscles again.
Starting on Tuesday, I've had some kind of bug/cold. I was so tired while I was working on Tuesday. Yesterday, I called in sick after walking four blocks and feeling like I could pass out. Today, I still feel like crap, just not as much. Hopefully, I will be back to a condition where I can work on Sat when I'm scheduled next.
I'm still waiting on swaps that were due awhile ago, and I signed up for 3 more. I'm so excited, one is Little Pink Studio's Vintage Stocking Swap. We have to make/decorate a stocking for our partner and stuff if full of goodies for them. I participated in this one last year and had tons of fun with it. Another is a holiday goodies swap through one of my Yahoo! groups, we're filling the tiny Priority mail box with gently used supplies and sending it to a partner. I love these kind of swaps, it's always fun to get supplies. My last one is an Ornament swap, where we send each other ornaments, I participated in this one last year too. Unfortunately last year I forgot about it until my partner emailed me, not this year, I'm on top of it.
Hope you all are having a great day and....

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*Goddess* said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Wendy!