Thursday, November 08, 2012

New purchases

A couple weeks ago, I picked up these gorgeous roses at Walmart. I just had to throw them out this week. I forgot how nice it is to have live flowers in my home.
 Yesterday, I trekked downtown to check out what people were putting up for Christmas. One of my favorite spots is Anything But New, they're a small antique store. I took in some vintage Christmas ornaments I had and traded them for the elephant bank and the snowman cup you see below. Another stop was our local flower shop that always has such great items. I bought the owl pick for me and the needlefelted snowman for my mother.
 Last night was a fundraiser at one of the local stores. Twenty percent of the proceeds went to Project Smyles at the library, I spent way too much money. I picked up the reindeer for my brother, he collects them, and every year it's getting harder and harder to find good ones. The owls are for me.
 I couldn't pass up these cute paper pieced cards either.

Cerri at Little Pink Studio is having her Vintage Stocking Swap again this year. I'm a little divided on whether or not I want to join. I loved doing it last year, but right now it seems people are having a hard time getting things to me on time. I have a swap that's due in partners hands this Sat, I haven't received anything yet, I have one that was due in hostesses hands last Sat, haven't received that back, I have the one that was lost in the mail, and I'm still waiting on the 2nd box. I'm just getting sick of receiving nothing or junk in the mail lately.
I know I'm also stressed about the upcoming move at the library, I'm excited but also stressed. And of course it's getting into the holiday season, which even though I'm usually done with things early, I still stress.
Speaking of holidays, I'm done Christmas shopping for my brother and mother, and wrapped all their presents last night. After spending a lot for presents last night, I decided not to spend so much and stop at less presents.

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