Saturday, October 20, 2012


Remember how I said I wasn't going to garage sales anymore? My neighbors were having their annual one and I had to check it out, I'm glad I did. Here's what I found:
 very cute snowman candle (my favorite purchase), Santa (for my mother), snowman cup, and a cute glass bowl (also for my mother).
tiny light up glass Christmas tree, 101 Dalmatians DVD(I love this version and I don't have it on DVD), a very cute get well book.
I spent $8.00 there. Today, my mother and I are going to a craft/rummage sale at a church, we went last year and had such a fun time. I'm afraid that it won't live up to my expectations though. Stay tuned for pictures of what I buy there.

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*Goddess* said...

OMG!! I heart the snowmans and Santa. Great finds:) I buy a new Santa or snowman every year.