Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My weekend

Warning: This is a picture heavy post.
This past weekend, my family went to my grandma's apartment, which we are cleaning out because she won't be coming back to it. Here's a few things my mother gave to me:
 Some of the items I picked up because I thought they might be nice gifts like the weekly organizer and notes pack, still in original packing. The candle makes me think of my grandma.
 I also picked up these two notebooks for gifts and the partylite candleholders.
 The sparkly balls are actually plastic fruit covered in sequins, my grandmother was an avid crafter. I picked out the two thimbles to add to my collection, I liked the jingle bell ladybug and the rooster. The cat and small yellow piece are magnets.
 Here's the buttons we found in her sewing supplies.
 I'm sorry this is such a horrible picture, it shows the glass buttons and shell or mother of pearl buttons I found.
 A bunch of nice trims.
 I now have a ton of eyelets and googly eyes. The brown piece is the beginning of a head made from pantyhose.
 Some butterfly cut-outs, miniature doves and chickens. The best of this bunch is the vintage pipe cleaner bugs.
 A paper cake, butterfly applique, some green buttons, an angel kit, another plastic fruit encrusted in sequins, an eyelet setter, miniture toadstools and a leaf.
 I love the graphic on the Sewing Susan needle case, some ribbon and more miniatures.
 A very cute tin with matching cards inside.
 Some tiny cards for artwork
 And more cards
And more cards.

I've been having trouble lately buying anything at garage sales. I think I've realized I have a lot of stuff, and I really don't need more. I couldn't resist things this weekend, not that moving them out of my grandma's apartment and into mine is better than getting rid of them, but I tried to only take things that I would use.

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