Saturday, May 12, 2012

A good week

It's been a great week for finds. Wednesday, I went downtown to see if I could find anything for my mother for Mother's Day. I decided to buy us a couple of tickets to a fashion show, my mom works at the sewing department of ISU, and we go to the ISU fashion show every year, so I thought this was a great idea. Plus, she's always saying she doesn't need more stuff, and she doesn't need more sweets.
While I was downtown, I stopped at an antique store and found some great things for me:
 buttons, scarf , and cute little card
 these pieces were in a bag together
 These were all in a bag
 This giant dictionary (it measures a little over a foot tall, 8 inches wide and 4 inches thick), someone donated to the library

Friday, I had a few garage sales to go to, as the fashion show was on Saturday at 10AM. I stopped at one on my way to work and picked up these:
 2 cigar boxes, three cardboard boxes, and a set of mini S&P shakers
 And this box of butterflies, I really only wanted that blue one in the center.

Everything I bought this week, I plan to use in art projects. I'm trying to get myself into sewing more, and I've always wanted a cigar box to decorate.

Friday afternoon, I cut some of our peonies and put them in the teapot I bought last weekend. Their smell is so intoxicating, I love it.
What have you guys found this week?

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