Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Wonderful Day

I had a great day yesterday. My friend and I went to a nearby town's citywide garage sale day. Here's what I got:
 a rice krispie bar, a bag of flat marbles and sea glass, two Winnie the Pooh toys, a cute little ladle and a toy turtle, a bag of formica tiles, a glasses case, a shotgun shell knife, and two cookies that I ate. Also, I bought two cushions for my kitchen chairs.
My friend said we had to stop at the antique store, it was a great idea, here's what I got:
 A teapot I've decided it needs some big flowers in it, once our poppies bloom, I'll put some in it.
 3 bags of ephemera and some seam binding. In those packets are a handwritten letter, tags, receipts, buttons and even an envelope from Marshall Field's in Chicago.
two more ephemera bags, and a bunch of buttons. In the ephemera packs are cigar bangs, tickets, tags, metal pieces and some great gears punched out of paper.

I love the burlap bag, I hope I can use it in some artwork.

What did you guys find?