Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Easter Basket

Here's what I got myself for Easter:
 lots of chocolate,
 a light-up bunny, puzzle egg, sparkly bunnies, felt egg stickers, a stuffed chick and a frog keychain.

I went to a garage sale today and was sorely disappointed. Mostly everything was furniture, I really wish people would say that in their ads. I'm not going to be visiting a sale if it's all furniture.
I'm still waiting for a cool sale. There's an apartment building a block away, that has a sale every spring and fall, and I just don't feel like garage sale season has started until I go to their sale. This year it's in May, so a little late.

This weekend is our semi-annual book sale at the library. I have to work tonight, but tomorrow is half price day, and I plan to go in when we open and just take my time. I hope I find something cool.
Also, on Wednesday, my aunt and I are planning on visiting an antique mall in a nearby town. I'm still waiting to see if I get the time off, but it's looking promising. I hope to visit the booth that's filled with buttons.

What are you guys finding?

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