Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Long time no see, sorry about that. I honestly haven't had much to post about and like I said before I can't post from my Kindle. Last weekend I went to a church sale with a friend, and I learned that it does not good to have a list of things to look for if you don't write it down and/or forget it. I do know that linens and craft supplies were on it, and I accomplished getting some of those.
The doily has a note on the back saying "Doilie from box of Linens - Ives - Late 1800's to 1910 probably older. I saw it and thought I didn't want to spend that much money on it, but I finally decided I couldn't pass it up.
The two ribbons were a steal. I have no idea how much is on them. The top one is velvety, the blue is velvet. The bottom one is sewn onto the background, very cool.

I've been in a slump lately, I'm not entirely sure why, maybe I'm waiting in anticipation for the garage sales to start, maybe I've been working too much, maybe I haven't done enough art, I just don't know. I know I am sick of getting crap or no mail everyday, a nice little surprise would be great. Today, I got something cool, check out my other blog, here, to see what it was.
I have been working a ton lately, last week I was pushing 40 hours, and this Saturday is my first day off in two weeks. Today I had an evaluation, I have mixed feelings about it, but I won't elaborate.
I have a little extra money since I got my tax refunds back, but I'm so not into spending it, it looks like I need some new things soon, so I will be, but I really don't want to.
There have been a few sales popping up, and I know there will be more soon, and I can't wait. I'm now off to spend some money on some comfort food and just take the rest of the day for me.

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