Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter

I didn't have any Easter swaps I was participating in this year, and my mother suggested I create an Easter basket for her (though later when I brought it up, she seemed surprised), so I did. Here's what I'm giving her:
 The basket I got last year in another Easter swap.
 I included a couple pinwheels, some flowers and a butterfly pick.
 Some candy.
 There's two packets of riibon, a bunch of clay flowers, a bunny, and another pinwheel.
These eggs are a version of some I saw for sale at Hobby Lobby. They had egg ornaments that were painted with an image on them and some glitter. I decided instead of paying $3.00 to buy them, I'd make my own. So, I picked up some paper mache eggs, painted them, added some images I had laying around my house, and covered them with Mod Podge.
The pink one has a wild rose and a goldfinch, the rose is Iowa's state flower and the goldfinch is the state bird. The orange one has a couple bunnies on it. The yellow one has some butterflies from a napkin. The purple one has a couple of vintage advertising images on it. The blue one has some daisy images from wrapping paper on it. The large eggs cost $.69 each, the small eggs were $.29 each, I got the paint for $.25 for each color, and the images were in my collection. So, 5 eggs for less than $5.00.

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend.

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