Sunday, February 05, 2012

A little relaxation

Today was my first day off in a little over a month. I originally planned to just sit at home and watch movies all day, but since all my jobs are part-time, I usually do that when I get off work. Instead, I went shopping with my mother and then we went to Reiman Gardens to see a new exhibit and the Butterfly House. We also had to stop off at the gift shop. I wasn't planning on buying anything, then I saw a couple grab bags, that guaranteed to have over $80 in merchandise, who could resist those? Obviously, not me. Here's what was in them:
A giant plastic flower, a box of tags/stickers, a dog pencil, a ladybug ornament, a couple bracelets, a ant plant hanger, some lip gloss, a bird globe, a pair of earrings and a bug on a spring.

And another bug on a spring, a spider, a bug magnet, bugs in a jar, a cute keychain, some more lip gloss, a stick pin, a snowman, an orange cat, some bug goo, and a pineapple key chain.

I must apologize for not posting lately. I'm mostly online on my Kindle Fire, and though it's really nice, when I'm trying to type things, it has this auto correct where it tries to guess what I'm typing, and if I'm not paying attention, when I hit the "space", it's actually the insert button, and sometimes puts it's own words in. I also can't store pictures on it, so I'm not able to do posts with pictures. I do hope to be shopping or have some cool pictures to share with you all soon.

Thanks for hanging around.

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