Monday, February 27, 2012

I tried

I tried to look nice and be in a good mood today, even though I'm still annoyed that when people ask me to do something they get annoyed when I say no and then come up while I'm working and more or less pressure me into saying yes.
I tried to be nice and helpful to the customer even though they glared at me because I was helping people in the order that they were in line, not the ones that jumped in the middle of the line because they thought they were more important.
I tried to be quiet and listen to my supervisor even though what they said made no sense and they tried to help too much.
I thought I could handle the pressures of work if I had one day off a week, even though I was working more than my normal week.
I tried not letting things bother me even when they piled up for over a week and I was told they weren't that important (it's a different story if you ask the customer).
I try to put myself first and take care of me, even when everyone seems to be demanding more of me than there is.
I try to keep my sanity when everything I do seems to be wrong.

I really did try.
And when everything led me to tears and the urge to just leave, I didn't. That counts right?

I just feel like so many things are building up at work and so many people are demanding my time and that I should just give up my life for work.
I've had so many things building up lately, when that final straw hit, I could barely hold it back, but I did, and now I'm home and I'm wishing for a hug, something nice in the mail, or something fuzzy to cuddle me.
Instead I come home to my brother whining in a text message because I can't wait until almost 9PM to eat supper. Is that so wrong.

I'm not sure what will cheer me up, but I hope it's something/somewhere soon.

And of course, now blogger's revolting against. It's just the story of my life sometimes.

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