Monday, January 31, 2011

OWOH and Stocking Swap

A couple things today. As you can see in the previous post, I'm participating in the One World, One Heart event. I wasn't going to this year, I just didn't know what I would do for the giveaway, and since the hostess, said we couldn't do surprises this time, I wasn't really sure. But, I was reading Art Saves Lives this morning, and she mentioned that quite a few of the blogs she reads are from participating in OWOH, and finding them from that. And I agree with that, a lot of my blogs are either from that, or connecting to other blogs from blogs from last year's event. So I choose to participate.

I did receive my stocking swap box of goodies from the hostess of the swap. I never heard back from my original partner, so I hope she enjoyed the box even though she didn't feel the need to hold up her end of the bargain and send me one back. I'm not going to post who she is, as you never know what's going on in the blogging world, and we don't need to be bad mouthing each other (even if it's deserved). The hostess, Noelle, was gracious enough to spend more money and send me a box. Here's what I found in it:
A package of 4 of these glittery green snowflakes, they are hanging throughout my apartment.
This cute needlefelted snowman ornament, also hanging in my apartment.
This votive candle smelling like apple berry spice. I see it's a horrible picture, and I apologize for that. This is the first thing I smelled when I opened the box, I love the smell.
Another bad photo, I couldn't get away from the glare from the light in the kitchen. It's a book called Christmas treats with recipes for Christmas treats, imagine that.
A box of Christmas cards, and a box of Paula Deen cupcake mix. I'm planning to make these soon and add the mini chocolate chips that are sitting on my counter.
Some cute, glittery, paper embellishments and a pack of paper.
The stocking, very cute, and another snowflake ornament. This ornament, almost looks like I could use it as a stamp. They are both hanging in my apartment.

Thank you very much Noelle for doing this.

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