Friday, January 28, 2011

More Swaps

I just signed up for 3 more swaps today. They aren't artsy swaps, they are put packages together swaps. But, I love doing that, and as it's felt like no one's been doting on me lately, I figured why not.
The first is Be My Valentine.
We are to list 5-10 faves in a comment on Meg's blog, spend up to $15, and send by Feb 7th.

The next is a Cheer Up Swap.
For this one we have to be active bloggers, spend $20-$30, and ship on Feb 16 or 17th. The sign up date is January 30th.
And the last is Be My Healthy Valentine Swap.

For this one, we have to link to her blog, comment with our email, post on our blog, and sign-up before Feb 3rd.
This one's supposed to be healthy, so we send actual gifts that aren't chocolate.
I know I already signed up for one other (that's in the box and waiting to be shipped), and I did just do a post about not being able to afford my life. But, I love these swaps, almost more than art swaps. I love putting together gifts, which is why I love Christmas and birthdays, and getting things in return. But it's so much fun to get information on people and then pick something out for them. I can't help these swaps.
I can't wait to get information on my partners and get started.
I will add the buttons to my sidebar as well.

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