Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday everyone, I'm also linking up with the Junkin' Finds Party this week, here.
Now, I know I've already posted these individually, but I rearranged part of my living room the other day, and I think the groupings are pretty cute. Also, most of my pieces were bought at garage sales over the summer.
Above is the top of a bookcase my parents gave me, I found out it's the perfect space to put my DVD collection, so you can see tops of some of them. On top of it, I put a piece of lace that was used to wrap up a teacup I bought at a garage sale. I thought it was way better than tissue paper. On top of that starting left to right: a pink creamer dish, a blue saucer, on top of the saucer a white bowl I bought at an art fair, and on the other side a clear creamer dish of the same style as the other one.
Here is my radiator, yes I live in a 100+ yr old house and we have radiators for heating. I do have a piece of particle board on top of the radiator, so everything is sitting level. The particle board is covered with a scarf I bought at a garage sale for $1.00. On top of the scarf starting left to right is: 3 salt cellars with their spoons I got those for $3.00, $1 a piece. A green depression glass cup(?), I picked up everything else for $1.00 each at garage sales. There's also an etched pink depression glass cup, and then an etched I have no idea what glass container, it sits on 3 legs and has a handle on each side. In front next to the salt cellars is a scallop shell compact, a silver tray with a glass jar filled with mica flakes, a lamp finial that I'm planning on painting white, a tiny clay bird, a silver hinged box with velvet lining and a little bear all dressed up for Thanksgiving. At the end I have my digital clock radio sitting on a tin box for heighth. The box is covered with a white lacy handkerchief. The radio is covered with a handkerchief that is embroidered with yellow roses. On top of the radio is a fabric heart pin, a wooden heart pin, an old time sailboat pin, an cross stitch heart pin, and a black haired troll.
Here I have a marble topped table that my mother got from a friend when I moved into my first apartment. The bottom is 3 metal legs with a circle, and the marble just sits on top of the circle, it's pretty heavy, but thankfully 2 pieces so somewhat easy to move. For the lacy trim, I just added some double stick tape to the edges. On top of the table I have 3 doilys: a pink one with a white teacup with blue flowers, a white one with a blue teacup, and a green one with the cup that matches the saucer on top of the bookshelf.
And here is another bookshelf in the corner of my living room. On the left, you can see the sloping ceiling, I live on the third floor underneath the eaves of the roof. Below are some close-ups of the top of the bookshelf. You can also see some of my collection of true crime books which are stored on this bookshelf.
OK, starting on the right side. I have numerouse handkerchiefs hanging off the front of the bookshelf, those were acquired throughout the summer at a number of garage sales as was everything else found on this shelf. Most everything was $1.00 or less.
On the right is a pair of child's lacy gloves. In the back you can see the shell of a glass turtle that I was given when my grandparents died, the shell comes off and it's a box. Next to that you can see a frosted blue glass candle holder, beside that is an etched glass cup, and then the sugar bowl that matches the clear glass creamer on my bookshelf above, I got those together as a set for $2.00, the sugar bowl holds some buttons I picked up over the summer.
You can also see some small bottles, a clear one with pink flowers and a green one.
In the next row I have the first tiny teacup I picked up this summer, it came with the saucer and cost $3.00, I never shelled out that much for another one. Then there's a (I'm guessing) Asian cup with painting on the outside, it has no handles and houses a needle felted hamster I made. Next there's a white teacup and then a souveneir teacup that sits on 3 feet on it's saucer.
In the front row, is a tinier teacup that was white, but someone glued pieces of pink shells on it. Next to that is a gold hair comb, the pink blob, is a crocheted? pink cross. Also laying on the handkerchiefs is a silver leaf charm, a daisy clip earring, and a daisy lapel pin.
The handkerchiefs have pansies, roses, and colored daisies on them.
OK, there's a little overlap in my pictures. Once again the sugar dish with buttons, sitting on top of the buttons is a plastic turtle I bought at an art fair, next to that is a couple smaller bottles, and then a bigger clear bottle, a milk glass toothpick holder and another small blue bottle. Next the 3 footed cup, there is a tinier Christmas teacup glued to a saucer, a silver Paul Revere bowl and another teacup. In front we have an owl pin, a pair of cherries pin which looks sort of like stained glass and a tiny gold pill box. The handkerchiefs have white flowers and a pink and green flower. There is also a silk pink handkerchief.
And the end of my bookshelf, with more overlap. You can see a clear glass sundae dish filled with more buttons. In front of that is a white teacup with pansies painted on it and another Paul Revere silver bowl, this one tarnished. The handkerchiefs have lace and a little bit of embroidery on them.
I hope the pictures aren't too blurry or dark. They always look so clear on my camera, and then when I upload them onto my computer, they're not quite as clear. I do try to brighten them up in Picasa, so I hope that worked.
Once again, it's Pink Saturday (early), if you'd like to see more pink things, go over to Beverly's. I'm also linking up with Linda's Junkin' Finds party here, and don't forget to scroll down to my next post and comment on the gloves if you would like to win them.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a wonderful collection you have shared with us. I lov how you display items and the sweet handkerchiefs on the edge of the tables is so pretty. Thanks so much for linking up with Junkin Finds Friday!

Maggie said...

What beautiful and wonderful pinks- such a lovely creation!

Happy PS!
In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae @
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Jessey V said...

:) I love all your finds! Happy PS!

Mimi said...

Great the green depression glass compote.

Donnie said...

Your collections of pinks are really pretty. Happy Pink Saturday and also Happy Thanksgiving.

Rita E said...

Enjoyed your post! Came by way of Junkin Finds ... thanks for sharing! said...

The hankies look so pretty in with the cups and I love the addition of the gloves!