Friday, April 24, 2009

I know things'll never be the same

May 1st is Kevin and I's 2 year dating anniversary. He asked me yesterday what I wanted and I said something to the tune of "You should know me by now, I'm sure you can figure something out". I realized later that was a bad answer. We always read everywhere how hints and hoping that guys know what you want doesn't work, so it was good he asked, but I really don't have an answer. I know what I want, but what he can actually get me, I'm at a loss at.
I would love to spend a whole weekend with him, I'd love for the mine to stop demanding so much for him, I'd love for him to be back on days, I'd love for a spring/summer/fall without severe weather, I want a nice 30 hour or so job, a nice motorcycle ride (actually a bunch of them), to have money to pay my bills and then some. But how much of that can he actually buy me?
Things that he could buy me: a new MP3 player, a nice working laptop, cute cover-ups for my job (long-sleeve but cool shirts), all seasons of Supernatural and Third Watch. Some nice jeans that fit. But I really don't want him to spend that much money on me, I know he loves spending money on me and likes making me happy, just like I love making him happy, but why spend tons of money on things?

Any suggestions from my readers?

The other day I was watching the Amazing Race, and this season they have a deaf kid and his mother. There was a little incident between that team and a team of sisters when they were both going for the clue box, and in the end he "tattled" on the sisters because he was upset over it. I found that really wrong, yes you're upset, but how old are you? It's a race things are going to happen (hell, they always do), get over it and move on. He also "said" that all hearing people think deaf people are dumb. I found that a little rude to the rest of us. We all know there are people that make fun of deaf people and decide they are stupid, but not everyone is like that.

According to the thermometor on my computer (from KCCI) it has now reached 80 degrees. That's kinda funny. At the beginning of the month, we had snow, now it's summer.

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