Sunday, August 21, 2016


It's been a few weeks. A few busy weeks. As you know, I moved at the end of July. I won't go into detail, but some things aren't really done and it's stressful.
I started at my temporary job at the bookstore last week, worked a long week and this week will be longer. I have picked up a few things.
I saw this Where's Waldo coloring book at the bookstore and had to buy it because it's Where's Waldo. I'm not into the whole coloring thing, but I love Where's Waldo.
 Last weekend, I did make it out to a few garage sales. I had Saturday off, so I thought I'd see what I could find. I believe my total was under $3.00.
 a solar owl, stuffed elephant, glass vase.
The solar owl just turns his head, I really like him, unlike my other solar things, he's very quiet. I picked up the elephant cause he was cute. The glass vase is actually an Avon vase.
 A package of lace.
I loved this. Not that I need more lace or trim, I loved the mint green pieces and that ruffled pink piece in the middle bottom. I'm hoping to alter a book and give it a lace cover, if I could ever unpack my craft stuff.
This past week I worked about 30 hours at the bookstore, and my regular 20 at the library. I did pick up a few shirts
 It's usually customary for me to pick up a shirt every time I work, but I haven't been doing it the last few semesters, mostly cause I have enough shirts I don't wear. The Cy was only $10, and I loved the teal on one the side. Iowa State University's colors are cardinal and gold, so it's nice to find something non traditional. I'm kinda tired of all the shirts with Cy and the I-state logo. I also had to buy this The Very Hungry Caterpillar pencil case. I certainly don't need another pencil case, but this one is made by Out of Print, and I love their stuff. I really wanted one of these last year when they first had them, but I couldn't see spending $12 on it. The bookstore had a special where they were 20% off, I still shouldn't have spent the money for it.
The other day while we were training I saw this coloring book and had to have it:
 I love the sentiment. It's a great coloring book. I feel I should take a page to each of my friends, they'd totally get it.
Yesterday, I needed washcloths and shower curtain rings, so I went to Dollar Tree and Target.
You can never get just one thing at Dollar Tree:
 Theraflu, washcloths, shower curtain rings, pen, duct tape, self-laminating sheets and erasers.
I picked up the Theraflu because I thought it would be a nice alternative to the liquid stuff I usually take when I'm sick, it doesn't expire until next June, and I'll probably get a cold this winter.
I did get the washcloths and shower curtain rings. I originally thought I'd need to go to Target for the rings. I set up my shower curtains yesterday and took a shower for the first time this month (I've been taking baths because I didn't know where my rings were). I feel I will be too tired to run a bath this next week, so I wanted to get it set up.
I could not pass up donut and typewriter duct tape. I certainly don't need more of that, though.
I picked up the pen thinking I could easily pop off the flat back pearls and use them. They are glued on pretty well, I'll have to try a different method or just keep the pen.
A few weeks ago, someone left some Asian papercuts on my desk, they are cut out of rice paper, which is extremely delicate. I thought I could use the self-laminating sheets on them and make them a little more durable. I've never used these, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out.
I also couldn't pass up the erasers. They are little animals with moveable legs and they stand up.
It was all downhill when I got to the sticker aisle, they had quite a few new ones
 animals, cupcakes, banners, words, and robots.
I tell myself I don't need more stickers, but when they're only $1, I have a hard time passing them by. I did put a few sheets back. I found the puffy little tooth stickers, but I really don't like the tooth ones. I really want the owls, the elephants and the little animals ones. I was actually surprised they had some of these, I feel my DT doesn't get things in when they're so new.
I loved these layered animals.
I had to pick up the cupcakes and the birthday banners, I feel they'd be great for birthday cards.
I have a hard time passing up robot stickers. I have made one pocket letter, but I think I'll have to make another one with them.
I also love these word stickers and feel they'd be great on a flip book. I picked up one sheet just for the hot air balloons.
 I also found the washi tape sheets. When I first saw the videos of them, I wasn't really interested in them, but when AmandaK said they were more vinyl, and not actually the thickness of the DT washi I got interested. So, I picked up the flowers, the owls, the birthday and the farm animals. I put the Paris and another one back. I wish we could mix and match, there are a few on each sheet I don't really want.
I also loved this sheet of alphas.
 dimensional stickers, birthday stickers.
I found these dimensional stickers also. I didn't pick up nearly any of these, these two sheets were the only ones I really liked.
I was only going to Target to get the shower curtain rings, when I found them at DT, I really didn't need to go to Target, but I thought I'd see if anything new came in.
Sorry the photo's blurry. Banners, gel pens, erasers, binder clips, erasers, tsum tsum, notecards
They seemed to have a few new items in the dollar spot. Everything I got was from the dollar spot except for the tsum tsum.
I got the banners because I thought they'd be great to use for art (the package actually said placecards).
I was excited to find the gel pens. Sadly, when I got home the blue and orange work sporadically, they are also very thin. No more Target dollar spot gel pens for me (It should really say, no more gel pens for me). I wanted both the eraser packs when they first appeared, but I didn't pick them up then, I thought I should pick them up before they disappear.
I loved the placecards with the doily print on the side. I also loved the binder clips, they are gold with words imprinted into them.
I've been wanting a Tsum Tsum for awhile, but none of them were cute enough to spend $5 on. They were on sale for $3 yesterday when I went and this Captain America was there. I really like him.

Next week brings more work

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