Saturday, August 06, 2016

Collective haul

Sorry, it's been awhile. I moved last weekend, and while I really wanted to go garage saleing, it just wasn't in the plans. This is gonna be long
According to my phone, I went to Hobby Lobby on July 21st. I remember why now, CreativeYoungMama on YouTube had posted her paper hauls and said that paper was 50% off. While I was watching her video, I really liked the Hooray Baby pad, so I went to look at it. She also said that there was a lot of new paper pads. When I got there, there was a lot of empty shelf space, they had moved all their clearance stuff from the shelves, hangy things into the clearance section.
Here's what I picked up:
 Hooray Baby paper pad, Best Day Ever paper pad, feather loose paper, succulent loose paper, chevron loose paper, Bedtime Story paper pad.
I loved all the cloud and hot air balloons in the baby pack, when I got home I went through and counted how many were specifically for a baby, I believe it was about five. The Best Day Ever pad had a lot of fun patterns and hot air balloons as well. I was looking at the Mint To Be Fab paper pack that everyone was so excited about, there were only a few sheets in it I really liked, one of them was the feathers. When I looked at the single sheets, the feathers were there, so I picked up two. It is only printer paper weight and 8.5"x11". I loved the succulent paper, I bought the succulent washi a few weeks ago, I'm sorry I didn't pick up the succulent stickers, but I have way too many stickers. I love the colors in the chevron print as well. The Bedtime Story paper pad, is 3"x4". I loved the prints inside, they're all Mother Goose-like, very cute. They have plain colors on the backs of them.
 birthday stickers, mustache gems, 4th of July banners, felt owl stickers, mini playing cards, donut/sprinkle washi.
I always check out the clearance section when I go to Hobby Lobby, usually it's all I go to.  I was eyeing the birthday stickers last time I went to Hobby Lobby, I love the little jar in the left bottom corner. I picked up the mustache gemstones for a swap (not quite sure I'm still going to use them for it, though). The 4th of July stuff was marked to 80% off, and I loved these banners, they don't all have to be used for 4th of July. When I was at the register, the cashier rang them up at normal price, I had to inform her that they were actually on sale, so I bought 4 of them (also picked them up for that swap, but if they don't work, I still love them. Fall stuff was on sale for 40% off, so I picked up these cute owls. The mini playing cards were with the jewelry supplies. I'd been eyeing the donut/sprinkle washi for awhile, so I finally picked it up, I told the cashier it was the only thing I was getting that was regular priced, I realized when I got home, I should have used a 40% off coupon on it. Oh well.
 metal key, owl picture, resin owls, owl key, wooden keys, bag of trim
I found a lot of cute owl things in the jewelry clearance, which is in a different spot than all the other clearance (logged that in my mind the last time I was there). Like I said a lot of cute owl stuff (you'll see more owls in a later haul), I'm not really sure what to call that owl rectangle, this one and the two owl pieces I was eyeing last time I was there. The two owl pieces I thought would make really cute earrings (if I did jewelry). The owl key was just cool looking. Like last week I didn't realize there were wood pieces in with the jewelry makings, I didn't find anymore though, maybe they were clearancing them all out. This bag of random trim was in the regular clearance section, I looked at the pieces the other day (I don't know why I hadn't opened it before), they are pretty cute. The white and peach are rose trim, and the top one has pink and white trim in layers.
 Their spring stuff was on sale for I think 70% off. The birds and pineapples are toothpicks (bought them for the same swap, still not sure about that). The hedgehog is a pick to go in a garden, I don't have a garden, but he's wicked cute. I kinda wish I could just break off the metal pick, but I don't think that's possible.
After I got all moved last Saturday, I went shopping downtown because there were sidewalk sales going on. One place basically had their whole store on sale. They had their sale cellar marked down another 50% on what it was already marked down. The rest of the store was like 60% off, I don't really know.
 The star says wish. They had ones that said hope for Christmas last year, I was hoping to find one of those, but I'll settle for this one. The mug is a jack-o-lantern from some other year. I don't know why I bought it, I hardly ever use mugs, just in the fall/winter when I start my day with chai. I love the color of it, it's a really dark army green color. The tiny pink thing is a glass Christmas tree. I would love to send it out in a swap, but I have no idea how to package things so they don't break in the mail. The orange thing on the end is an owl, it's from this year's Halloween/fall collection. The crown is glittery with gemstones. It's got a few gemstones I think I should remove and re-glue, which is kinda sad because it was originally $12. I'd love to send it in a swap too, maybe a Christmas one, but I think it'd be fine for any gift swap. The owl is from last year's Christmas collection. I totally needed another owl. The reindeer has a mirror on the front, it's for my brother he collects reindeer. I also bought some chocolate covered trail mix.
 I got these at another store, I just wanted to see if they had anything exciting for the sidewalk sales. I've picked up the Disney stickers at Walmart in the past and I've been searching for them ever since. The notepad with the telephone and the butterfly notebook were each $0.50, I'd never seen them at this store, but I had to have them. I love the telephones on the notepads. The cross stitch in the top corner, I got with a magazine.
I really wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and other stores, but I was so tired on Saturday. I went out shopping for a few essentials on Sunday, I'm glad I waited until Sunday, so I wouldn't be tempted by Hobby Lobby.
 I picked up some donuts and milk for breakfast at HyVee and some Minion tic tacs, cause they were only $1.
I headed over to Dollar Tree for some off brand Chlorax wipes for cleaning of my old apartment (check it out in the next (or previous) post), and of course I found a few other things.
 I found the infamous fox boxes, they were just sitting with the boxes all nesting in each other. I was wandering down the aisle and saw the big one, as I picked it up I heard it rattle and found the others in it. The brown thing is a hamburger dog toy. For some reason I can't handle not buying stuffed animals. I don't know why. I did see the Webkins animals, and I had the hippo in my hand, but decided it wasn't doing anything for me, so I put him back. I was actually surprised I found him so soon after I'd seen everyone else hauling them. My store is sad, and a few years ago, I didn't have a store, so I really shouldn't complain, but they never seem to get the new stuff when I see it in other people's videos.
Thank you cards, gel pens, notebook, shower curtain, shower liner, pencils, emoji notebook, duct tape. I also wanted to pick up some thank you cards to get to my moving crew, so I got the really cute ice cream ones and some more formal looking ones. I seem to have a thing for pencils, pens and notebooks, I certainly don't need any more of them, but if they're cute looking I pick them up. I feel I already have a set of these gel pens. I needed a new shower curtain and shower curtain liner for my new apartment (sadly I don't know where my shower curtain rings are, so I haven't hung them up yet). These pencils have velvet on them, how cool is that? I bet they're really hard to sharpen, too. I also found some of the emoji things, they had markers also, but I didn't need markers with emojis on them. I also picked up some more duct tape, so when I start mailing packages again, I'm set.
 erasers, binder, tape, cards, stickers.
I want to create a back to school kit (or just a fun package) for someone, and I loved these erasers. I saw this binder on Halie Hostler's haul video. (I just realized watching that video again, I have now picked up the binder, donut notebook, erasers and stamp set that she had). I loved it, I really wish I had a need for it. This tape was with the above notebook, I bought two packs. I love these house cards, they are blank so I could use them for whatever, I might cut them out for embellishments. I also picked up the owl back to school stickers. They are actually layered chipboard, I have started separating the layered stickers, I take off the top layer and affix it with double stick tape and I get about two sheets for the price of one. It doesn't always work, sometimes the top layer isn't the same (it's got less details or parts) as the bottom layer.
Monday, my mom helped me clean my old apartment and as a celebration, we went to Red Lobster and stopped at Target for some stuff (of course I picked up more than I needed).
stickers, notebook, cards, three composition books. The Dory tape is actually from the Dollar Tree (it got in the wrong picture). I've been seeing people haul the Dory stickers and I LOVE the otters inside. I haven't seen the movie yet (won't see it until it comes out on DVD and the library gets it), but there are some wicked cute character stickers. The donut notebook was not as cheap as I thought, but I really wanted it. I'm tempted to photo copy it and use it for embellishments or background papers. I thought the note cards were really cute. I love making my own cards, but sometimes I don't want to sit down and make them (or like now, I can't). I've also seen people haul these little composition notebooks and was so excited when I finally found them. Like I said, I love note books, I also love that they can easily be sent with swaps, that's usually my plan when I buy them. I love the Dory tape from the Dollar Tree, I've never bought these tiny tape rolls before and I don't know how much is on a roll, but I like the octopus.
Yesterday, there was a church sale I go to every year, so I checked it out. I didn't realize how busy it was to go right when it opened. I've gone on the Friday before, but I guess never right when it started. I don't think I'll do that again.
Hanky, plate, Bell jar, plastic spoons, notecards, trim, more trim.
I picked up the plate from Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, just because it was from there. I recall going there once (maybe) as a kid and it was always somewhere I wanted to go. I don't know if I'll use it. I picked up the jar because it was a blue Bell jar. The plastic spoons were free, I'm always running out of spoons, and they were cute. I picked up the cards because I thought they were all like the top one, when I got them out to take the picture, I found the rest are blank in the middle, I'm a little bothered by that. I don't know how much trim is there, I kinda have it on it's side so you could see, but it was really cute and vintage. So was the other bag of trim, there's some tatting in it. I also loved the hanky with the painted rose on it, I certainly don't need any more hankies.
 Here's the owl stuff. Owl bag, Christmas kits, pig wine stopper.
I don't need an owl bag, especially not a little kid one, but I'm sure I'll figure out something to do with it. I mostly picked up the owl stuff because they were owls. I think it would be pretty cute if I used the pillow boxes for my Christmas gifts. I picked up the pig wine stopper for a friend.
 For my birthday this year, I asked for one of these drawer things, I anticipated needing better storage for my craft stuff since I didn't have a giant closet to put it into at this new place. The black one my mom got me, the white one I picked up at the sale for $4.00. It needs a little cleaning, but why not. I'm not entirely sure how much they cost, but I bet it's more than $4.00.
Today, I had to go to Dollar Tree for sponges, I used my last ones for cleaning on Monday.
 sponges, bubble bath, shower curtain, moose munch, rose petal soap
I'd been picking up the heavy duty sponges that only had 2 in a package, I stopped to read the package today and realized these are every day use and you get 3 in a package. Since I now have a bathtub, I want to try having a bubble bath, I also got the rose petal soap because I have a bathtub. I love this frog shower curtain, as you can see above I already picked up a shower curtain, but this one is way better. It was lunchtime and I was hungry, that's why I picked up the moose munch.
And so as not to leave with a boring picture
gel pens, robot stickers, googly eyes, notebook, self laminating sheets.
I picked up these gel pens last week, and they write so nicely, so I picked up more. The blue roller balls I haven't used before, but I'm a sucker for pens. I've been eyeing these stickers and since my DT will not get the new cute puffy stickers (I want them so bad), I got these. They actually haven't had new stickers the past two times I went, it's been very empty in the sticker spot, and today the books were almost all cleaned out. Another notebook. I picked up the googly eyes because they are special Halloween ones, they have colored irises, not that I use a lot of googly eyes. I picked up the self-laminating sheets because I've seen people haul them too and I wanted to try them out.

The next post will be showing my old apartment.

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