Saturday, February 20, 2016

odds and ends

It's been way too long, I apologize. I just haven't had much to write about, I don't have a lot of pictures either.
I had a doctor's visit in January, I haven't seen the doctor regularly due to my health coverage. When I saw my doctor a few years ago, they did bloodwork, when I went in this year, she said my cholesterol was a bit high, so I'm supposed to be lowering it. I googled it a little, but I'm still not totally sure what's good to lower your cholesterol, anyone got any suggestions?
I have been enjoying the part of being salaried where you get paid the same amount of every paycheck. It's been very nice to pay all my bills at the beginning of the month and still have money left over.
Most of the month of January, I've been working at one of my temporary jobs, putting that with my regular job at the library, it was very tiring.
I have gotten myself one of the Pop! figurines:
 Snarf from Thundercats, a cartoon from when I was a kid in the 80's, is in the upper left corner. I've been wanting one of these figures, but I didn't want just any one. Me and a friend went to a local comics store, that has a ton of them, when I saw Snarf, I knew he was the one. I also picked up some blind bags that included Groot, Raphael, the Cheshire cat, and Mowgli.  I spent way too much money on random things that day.
Saw this on the way to work one day:
 It was shortly after one of our snowfalls, the next day when I walked by it, it was mostly melted.
Found these panther sculptures on ISU campus one day:
 My muse finally came back, so I created a few Valentines:
The rest and how/what I made them out of are on my art blog, here.

The end of this week we are enjoying very high temperatures, yesterday the high was in the upper 50's. I'm ready for the end of winter. I'm loving that everything is melting. I know there's still more winter, and we may get more heavy snow, but I am loving the warmer temperatures.

I've been bored of everything lately. I'm not sure why. I plan my weekly grocery trips around what's on sale at the store, I think that might be part of it. I might splurge on something next week, to see if that helps.

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