Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hello??? Is anyone still there?
Sorry, didn't know it's almost been a month since I posted. Life had been boring, mostly just working. We did have two arrests at the library last week, that was interesting, and our phones went down for a little while today.
I have been so restless reading people's blogs about the great finds they're getting. There are a couple stores I visit during the winter months, but there wasn't much I wanted to spend my money on, especially since I'm so spoiled with garage sale prices. Plus, the big antique mall closed last year, maybe earlier, that one usually tides me over during the winter months.
Tomorrow, I found some to go to, and even more on Saturday. Granted it will probably be in the 30's at around 8AM like it has been the past few mornings, but I am so ready to get out and hunt.
A few things that are on my list this year:
~Interesting fabric, after making my fabric book, I've been itching to make another one.
~Small plates, the ones I've been using are pretty old and I've noticed lately when I put hot things on them, the cracks become visible. I'm kind of afraid they'll splinter apart soon.
~Pyrex mixing bowls. I bought one a few years ago after reading about all the hype and then didn't know why I bought it, but I've found I really like it's size.
~Other Pyrex pieces, I think it'd be cool to collect the baking dishes with motifs on them, plus they'd be good serving dishes, of which I have none.
~Buttons, of course
~Owls, just to add to my collection
~Glass bundt pan, my coworker asked me to look out for one of these a few years ago, I haven't found one yet
~The Feminine Mystique, I was reading the library's copy the other day, and decided I wanted a copy for myself.
And all the other fun stuff I see. I will still be buying baked goods, I will buy any craft stuff I find. I've been trying not to pay full price on craft stuff. I have enough of it as it is, but if I'm getting more I sure don't need to pay full price. On another note, I'm trying to get rid of some of it, I have boxes full listed on my Etsy store.

Hopefully, I'll have some pictures to show Saturday night.

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