Wednesday, February 27, 2013


That about sums up my last few weeks.
Not a lot happening here, working mostly. Miranda Lambert came here last Thursday, I worked her concert, that was fun. Lots of people, lots of people looking for a smoking patio (we don't have one), a couple people annoyed because they left and I wouldn't let them back in (it's policy). Lots of drunks at the end of the night.
We also got some snow that night. I got 6.5 hours of sleep and had to go to work at 8 the next morning. I did not have to shovel, thankfully, but I still had my mother complain to me. Sunday, was my day off in about 2 weeks, my plan was to sit and do nothing, but then I got a phone call from my mother saying I needed to pick at the snow on the driveway. I did, but apparently didn't do a good enough job for her, when I left Monday morning, I saw someone had done more. And then they left it in a pile on the sidewalk.
I've been trying to get over a cold/flu/who knows what lately, but since I've been working so much, my body has been having a very hard time fighting it. Yesterday, it snowed ALL day, it didn't stop until some time this afternoon. I'm not sure how much we got, but I'm pretty sure I shoveled 6 inches total yesterday, and probably a couple more this morning. The first time I went out about noon, it was heavy, took me about an hour. I went out a couple hours later and shoveled a couple more inches. This morning I was out at 7AM shoveling some more. I fully expected to get home from work and shovel some more. When I got home, my parents had done it, thankfully, I asked my dad if I needed to change and come help, he said no, but I bet I'll hear about it from my mother. Back to that pile on the sidewalk, my mother was working on that when I got home, I'll probably hear about that too. Something about how I didn't clear it off, that's what happens when you leave a pile and it freezes to the concrete.
My dad called me at work today saying some of my mail got in their mailbox. I get home and he says he was in my mailbox, because mine was in theirs, so some of theirs was probably in mine. I told him I'd rather he wasn't in my mailbox, and he got mad at me. It's mail fraud to be in someone's mailbox if they didn't ask you to. I don't understand why he couldn't wait for me to clean out my mailbox and give them their mail.
My arms and back hurt from shoveling, so everytime I bent over to clean out the drop boxes at work, my back hurt more. I love how my mom always has some reason for not shoveling (I was very surprised to see her out there today), but if I happened to mention that my back bothers every time I shovel, it would be an excuse and no one would care.

Sorry about the venting post, but I needed to.
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