Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winter Decorations

My partner for the Vintage Stocking Swap asked to see my Christmas decorating style, and I decided to share with the rest of you some pictures as well. She asked what my decorating style is, I really don't have one, I have snowmen. I'm trying to branch out and do snow as well. My style is every shelf and every nail in my apartment has snowmen on it, of course I did decide I had a few too many the other day and had to take some down. This is a very picture heavy post and I apologize if some of the pictures are blurry or dark.
This is one of my 'trees', it's actually part of our Japanese lilac tree, we had to cut it out because it was dead, so I took it and stained it. I think it's pretty cool. I love the Santa troll in this pic. There's also an Italian glass snowman, a Russian snowman, and a cool Christmas palm tree.

Here I have 4 snowmen candle holders with peppermint looking candles. There's also a lighted penguin in there. I've noticed lately, I buy less snowmen (I have over 200), and more wintery items.

I love the black tree in this photo, I found it at Borders a few years ago and loved it. I also love the vintage looking ornaments on it. The crocheted snowflakes I found at a garage sale this year, I had been on the lookout for them for awhile. I also have an Iowa State snowman in there. Iowa State University is located in Ames, and I love snowmen that have the logo, or colors on them.

Here's the other side of the above pic, with more snowflakes and the tree again. The M&M used to have candy in it, but I love him anyway. I also collect fake roses, the ones in this picture are made from wood.

This is my DVD shelf. Again there is the ISU snowman. I've also been on the lookout for things that say "HOPE". Ever since breaking up with my ex, that has kept me going, so I love the word. You can see some glass pieces that I couldn't part with enough to put away for the season. I also am trying to decorate more with pink, purple and blue, just to brighten up my apartment.

Here's my radiator, you can see another fake rose, this one's actually made out of velvet, I have a cool paper one too, but that's been packed away. You can also see some of the rose pins I collect. I bought the sparkly poinsettias last year after Christmas, I've had them out all year. I love flowers, and if they're fake (not so much silk ones), they last forever. Remember, I'm trying to brighten up my apartment.

This table is granite (I think), it's supposed to be an outdoor table. I've been looking forever for some kind of doily, or something to drape over the edge. The edging here is held on with double stick tape, and doesn't even go all the way around. You can see a decorated shoe with some clay ornaments in it, my mom bought these as part of a fundraiser, I think they're cute, and I don't even collect shoes. I love the Christmas nesting dolls.

This is another one of my bookshelves. My faves in this pic are the white containers (I'm drawn to those lately), the snowman in the bathtub, the snowmen stocking holders and the green ornament. The snowman with stars is actually a lamp. I made the cross stitch snowman. There are even more snowment hanging from the stocking holder. You can kinda see my snowman snowglobe. His bottom is filled with confetti, very cute.

This is massively blurry, sorry. There's another cross stitch snowman in there. You can see a Christmas mouse, when I was younger I collected mice, I still have some floating around. I like the garden snowman. You can also see my just finished Halloween piece, yeah I'm a little slow on art making. The snowmen are hiding my shelf of Piers Anthony books, I'm a huge fantasy fan.

I love the blocks in this picture, they spell out "collector", with snowmen as the o's. You can also see the frogs I haven't packed away for the year, and a beautiful pink scarf I got in a swap.

This hanging was a creation from a group I did. I love handmade ornaments/decorations.

This is a little dark. In the middle of this picture, is a ceramic tree that lights up. My grandparents had one of themse when I was a kid, there's holes in the tree where the red and green plastic pieces are and a lightbulb underneath it. Unfortunately I don't have plastic pieces for all my holes.

Here's the top of my refrigerator, the snowmen in my kitchen live there all year long. These are more ISU snowmen. The bookstore at ISU, used to have a snowman every year, but then they stopped making them. The santa and snowmen in the middle is musical.

This is my kitchen radiator. These are mostly ones I picked up at garage sales. There are two cookie jars in there. The one on the left side is musical. I love the Santa frog. The one with the beanie on it, is an artist snowman. There's also a salt and pepper set.

I've been drawn more to different and unique snowmen lately, mostly because I have so many. Like I said, I like mostly winter things, since I collect snowmen. I do have a few just Christmas ornaments in my house, but not many. I like seeing snowmen that are 'artists' or have artsy things with them, I love ones with my name on them.

So, that's my apartment right now. How are your homes decorated? Have you even decorated for Christmas yet?

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You have a great collection! I love snowmen too!