Friday, November 04, 2011

Basket of Rocks

The antique mall in Ames is closing. I heard that some of the dealers decided to move to the expanded antique mall in Story City, which is about 30 min north of here and right next to the highway. Anyways, the antique mall had signs saying things were up to 75% off, so I figured I should check it out, especially since I didn't see any ads for garage sales this weekend. Here are my finds:
A rectangular white embroidered piece

2 lace cameos, a pink crocheted teacup, some trim and an embroidered collar. I figured I'd use these in some kind of artwork. I love the lace cameos.

2 doilies with embroidered edges, a white pot, a yellow cup and a cute silver spoon.

My favorite find was a basket full of rocks/minerals. I love cool rocks, I've been collecting them as long as I can remember, that was one of the things my ex loved giving me.

Here's my basket of rocks after I cleaned them. The one on the left with the circles in it, is way cool, it's pretty see through when wet, I'm gonna try and varnish it and see if it keeps the glassy affect. I also love the striped one, that's the main reason I bought the basket. The one on the bottom right that's in pieces, pretty much fell apart when I stuck it in the water to be cleaned.

I got all this stuff for under $20 and found out I save about $20 as well. The owners said they were going to be gone by the 15th. There were a few pieces I was thinking about, so I'll probably go back one more time before they close, though I doubt anything will be marked down further.

I'm pretty bummed about this. I generally go there in the winter when there aren't any garage sales. There are 2 other consignment stores here, but they're not nearly as big, course I could save some money this way.

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