Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New stuff

I've been a little busy lately. I've been working at my new job, which I love, though my legs are not happy with the constant squatting, I'm figuring they'll get used to it. So, I have that every morning for about 4 hours, then I come home and do other stuff, which lately has been making cards for birthdays, and then at 5 I'm at my other job. I love this new schedule, it makes me get up early in the morning, which I've kinda been doing anyway since I was working at the bookstore and had to be up for that, then we had the roofers who were here bright and early and you can't sleep through that. Now, I have something to do when I get up early. I can slack off in the about 4 hours I have in the afternoon, or do whatever.
This past Sunday was my grandma's birthday party. Her birthday was on the 15th, she's 93. My mom had this idea that we should send her a birthday card everyday of the week, so I did. Plus, I made her a present. I also was in a swap with someone from one of my yahoo! groups this past weekend and had to make fall cards for her, which turned out pretty cool by the way.
Saturday, I went with my mom to the mall to get some black pants. My old pair was getting worn between the legs (yes, my legs rub together when I walk), and I was wearing them for both the Hilton job and the games store job. I was hoping to find a nice pair of other colored pants to the games store, but I either found pants that were too tight in some areas or showed these nice creases in my crotch area. Not a bonus.
That afternoon, dad and I cleaned up the leaves from the yard, not that you'd know if you looked at it now. Stupid trees.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen Kevin since last Sunday and I'm hating it. We kinda started a nice weekly thing where he would come over after getting off in the morning and sleep in my bed, so I could at least see him and cuddle with him. Since, I went to my grandma's on Sunday, I didn't get to see him this week, and I think I'm regretting it. I did have a pretty good time at the party, but this year it wasn't as fun. I don't know if I got used to him being at my family get-togethers or if I was just preoccupied because I didn't get to see him.
I hate not being able to see him. He used to get Sunday nights off and we'd hang out for a little while on Mondays, but he hasn't had a day off since Labor Day, and the word is they will be working 7 days a week until December. Neither of us are happy with that.

Between work and work, I've been keeping busy and I love it. I really love having something to do every day. You never know how much you miss that until you don't have something to do during the day. It's nice for awhile, but then you get really bored. If my body would have let me, I would have slept more, because some days it's like why get up when you have nothing to do?

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