Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More updates in my apt

I envy the guys in my living room.
My living room ceiling has been sagging for awhile, and lately if you push on it, it moves quite a bit. So, mom hired someone to rip out the old ceiling (plaster attached to lathe boards, they're not pulling off the lathe), and put up a new ceiling, (drywall), and paint the ceiling. The guys got here this morning and pulled off the old ceiling, now it sounds like their measuring, cutting and putting up the new drywall.
How come my mom always hires people to do the fun stuff, and all I get to do is paint? She hired Kevin and I to paint the stairs last summer, because of the crappy winter and all the ice we got last year, we had to retouch the steps, so she asked me to paint our north ones. I got to sand and varnish windows, paint my bedroom door (which I didn't need), she asked me to scrape and paint the porch floor, the railing and the spindles on the railing, and she's asked me to paint some benches.
I wanted to rip out the walls in the old bathroom, I want to rip out the ceiling in my living room. I'm pretty sure I could do it. Yeah, I'd have to be careful around the corners where the ceiling meets the wall with the old wallpaper and stuff, but it's not that hard. Why pay someone else when I could do it (especially after she's all wary of people being in the house when we're not here).


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