Friday, October 17, 2008

2 Annoyances and 1 good thing in my life

I may be upgrading something in my life soon. I'll let you all know when I get it.

UGH!! My dad just called asking if I wanted to earn some money, when I asked doing what, he said cleaning up leaves. Apparently they got a quote from someone else and decided I could earn that much doing it. Thank you sooo very much for thinking of me, but no thanks. Which is pretty much what I said, to which he replied, when do you want to work on it. I'm so glad my word means nothing to my parents. It's really nice to know.

Also, I had decided to go with them to Hawaii this winter, but since the stock market sucks so much, we're not going anymore. Paying for 4 people to go down there is pretty expensive, I bet paying for 3 people to go to Rome last year was pretty expensive too, and going on a cruise 2 years ago in July for 2 people was pretty expensive too, but you guys didn't think that much in the future about money. So, when I finally decide to go on vacation with you, we can't do it.

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