Friday, August 08, 2008

in ways hard to swallow

I was watching Dr. Phil the other day, and something he said so applies to my mother. The show was focusing on spouses that abuse their larger spouse. And they were all calling the other one degrading names because they were fat, and they kept saying they were encouring them to lose weight. Dr. Phil said that if what they were doing wasn't encouring the spouse, maybe they needed to change their tactics. That applies to my mother, I think she thinks she's encouraging me to find a job by whining at me about jobs and money, and maybe she needs to realize that she should back up and let me deal with it. She also has me doing random things around the house, and she has the tendency to check my work at the end of the day (or at random times), and then she goes back and do more at it. Like right now, I'm scraping and painting the porch. Well last week, she kept checking every day and scraping (on the most weathered piece of wood on the porch that's going to continue to peel until the end of time) and then she went and painted part of it, and whined at me cause I actually had other things to do. Now today when I get home from the library she's out there scraping away on it (on the other very weathered pieces of wood). DAMN!! I wish I had money.

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