Friday, August 08, 2008

I know too much

I'm loving Flashpoint. I've found out it's hard to watch a cop show when I know so much about law enforcement, so then if they do something different than what I know, I don't think it's realistic and I'm always critiquing the show. With Flashpoint, I have no idea what it's like to be on SRT or SWAT (or ERT like it is here), so I don't know what procedure is and I don't know if they're doing it right or wrong. TV shows are so much more enjoyable when I don't know much about what it's about. Like Bones, I don't know much about forensic anthropologists or FBI agents, so the less I know the more enjoyable a show is for me. Course that also kinda sucks, because I loved Third Watch when it was on TV, at least it's a mix of police, paramedics and firefighters, so that will help, but I'm afraid if I go buy it on DVD and rewatch it, like I did with 21 Jump Street, I'll point out things that don't really happen and will ruin the show for me. Like when I watched Category 6: Day of Destruction with Kevin, he kept pointing out things that were wrong and it ruined the movie for me. (I'm never watching Twister with him).
It's kinda weird that the less you know about some things the better it is.

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