Tuesday, July 27, 2021


July 17: Went to the grocery store, I didn't buy much more than ice cream the other day when I was there. Finally found a bunch of things in the mail.
A send me something green:
I have no idea what these are, so they went into a get rid of box.
A wish for happy mail:
the 17th was world emoji day, it was pretty cool they showed up on that day.
A wish for happy mail:
Love the Hello Kitty memo sheets, and the stickers.
A wish for die cuts:
I like the cats, not so much the cat mom.
I packed a bunch of my crafting stuff, still sorting.
 July 18: Got up early for laundry before work again. Work was getting back to normal, having evening shifts is killing me. I like being in the action, evenings are not busy.
July 19: Got up and went to Walmart, needed tape. I was putting it off because I never get just the thing I need. 
shirts, stickers, mini backpack, pain relief, dragon, rainbow

unicorn index cards, stickers, narwhal, mini backpack, notebook, tape.
I learned the shirts were pride shirts:
And another:
I just thought they were cute and cheap. They're from the guy's section, they always have better graphic tees.
It was full blown back to school at Walmart, I didn't buy any pens, pens are usually my weakness. I only picked up one notebook, but I gave in to the backpack charms of the mini bags, the narwhal and the rainbow.
I bypassed Target, but stopped at Dollar Tree.
magnets, cookies, drinks, pouch, calendar, puzzle, notebook, wallhanging.
I drank both drinks before I got home. I'm enjoying drinking the YooHoo when I've been out sweating all day. I needed a puzzle piece for my scavenger hunt. I've been eyeing that dog notebook for the last few times I was at the Dollar Tree, finally took the plunge and bought it. 
pens, rulers, notebooks, eraser, minions, bandages, card.
So much for not buying pens, I need a ruler. I bought all the different minions I found.
I found 3 things in the mail, a thank you card:
A surprise:
I like the stickers.
Sad thing is, this rosette wasn't attached so I could get it off easily.
Work was a bit busier, we're short people due to life. I about hit the end of my rope. Just the stress of moving, the stress of being the only one doing certain things, the stress of being short a person. It was too much. I wish I could take a break from life, I know in August it will be better.

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