Friday, April 30, 2021


April 24: I went to work because we were short a person, got a couple pieces of birthday mail in the mail. Work was wicked slow.
April 25: Had to work that day, too. I was originally signed up to work the whole weekend, but I had switched my Saturday out with someone. I feel we had more people come in, but still not that busy.
April 26: went to lunch with my parents, they wanted to talk about an idea for vacation. I wanted pizza, but my mom decided she wanted Red Lobster, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with their new limited menu. Not sure the last time I was there. I talked my mom into going to 5 Below and Home Goods. 
Five Below:
Picked up a couple packages of Rainbocorns, a giant bag of kawaii erasers (experiencing a bit of buyer's remorse for these), some choco rocks and a cord. I've been needing another cord, just haven't really looked into it.
Home Goods:
Matcha shortbread cookies, Pistachio pralines and some dog bag clips. The shortbread cookies were phenomenal, I wanted to get some vanilla ice cream and make ice cream sandwiches, but I'm having a bit of an issue with my freezer. The pistachio pralines are good, just wicked sweet. I picked up the bag clips for a friend.
I now have a vacation planned for this fall. I'm excited though hesitant to get my hopes up, plus I have a few things I need to focus on before then.
I got a wish for tag inserts ready to mail:
I received my Etsy purchase of Bother Buddies, they are wicked cute.
I received a Secret Mother's Day swap:
We were to send something with a value of $10, a handmade card and a treat to eat. I like the rosettes and binder clips.
A RAK? of vinyl stickers:
I like the card.
And a flower pocket letter:
April 27: spent my day on the computer reading. I was in a grumpy mood and wanted to go shopping, but didn't talk myself into it. Mail hadn't arrived by the time I went to work, but I found it after.
 Some Hallmark cards:
Send Me Something yellow:
And a surprise:
April 28: I bought some Special K cereal last week, I'm not a fan. I found a great unicorn mini pocket letter when I got home:

I love the chunky charm and use of texture.
She packed it in this cute cosmetic bag:
And included a bunch of stickers and some die cuts.
A coworker left this guy on my desk:
Said her kids had received it and weren't minion fans. Every time I walked by my desk, he made me smile. Unfortunately, he's too big, so I took him home.
April 29: Found this guy hanging out on the wall when I went to work:
And a beautiful altered notebook when I got home:
And I got grumpier. I had two postage due items this week. 
April 30: I went shopping because of my grumpy week, also haven't really been shopping in awhile. Normally, I visit Target, Walmart and Dollar Tree on the same day, they are all in the same space of time. I skipped Target, there's never anything I need there and I always end up spending a bunch of money. I haven't been to Target in at least a month, probably more. I did go to Walmart, I picked up my prescription from January, I need to order a new pair of glasses before the end of June when my vision insurance runs out. It was a boring trip to Walmart:
Underwear, jeans, undershorts, charger, envelopes. I wanted to pick up another pair of jeans and some more shorts to wear under my dresses. I've seen people wearing black shorts (usually more biker shorts) under shorter dresses and not caring if they show a bit. I tried the other pair on shortly after purchasing them, and they have coverage where I could do that, which is why I wanted to pick up another pair. I have the issue of my inner thighs rubbing together, I haven't found a cream to stop that, the shorts work the best for me. I got the jeans because I got the skinny ones a few weeks ago, I like them, but they sag, I need a belt, but until I get one of those I wanted another pair of jeans, these are a lighter wash and a lower rise. Also, the skinny jeans are a bit loose on the waist but tight on my calves (because of my muscles from walking so much). I need the envelopes. I also needed the charger, for awhile, just haven't researched too much, found this in the checkout line. 
Next up was the Dollar Tree, found an interesting unicorn graduation decoration:
Not sure I'd want one.
And spent too much money (what's new?)
Not too many sheets of stickers this time. Someone had sent me some of those sloth stickers, I'm excited to have found my own. I really like the cheetah and unicorn puffy stickers. The dog stuff is for a friend. I love that kawaii avocado and I found the stackable pencils in a weird spot, I feel someone was hiding them for later.
I can't pass up the cute pens, I feel like I buy at least one pen every time I go to the Dollar Tree. I couldn't pass up these bandaids that look like crayons, or the hedgehog and fox ribbon (even though I rarely use ribbon). Also, the watermelon coin purse and the taco cosmetic bag. The brush is for a friend (are you seeing a theme?). I love activity books, these are not worth the buck. Also, love those phone holders, though I figured I didn't have to use them as phone holders, they could hold anything. Also, needed some cards.
Needed the shower poufs and the toothpaste and the pads. The two snacks I picked up, I also picked up some water, but drank that before I got home. They must've just stocked these movies. I'm sure they are cheesy horror movies, figure if I don't like them, I only lost $2. Also, how cute is this journal with unicorns and sloths in space?
Last stop was Hobby Lobby, I needed tape.
And I have figured, it's cheaper to get the 8 replacement pack for $13 than two 4 packs for $7 each, and then I found some old stock tape. They changed the price from 10 to 13 last year, but these must've been hanging out in the back, and since they type everything in, they have to give me the $10 price, I bought all I found. I was a bit reluctant, but I go through this tape so quickly and I will be back to buy more, might as well get it at a cheaper price. Found some cute sticky notes, a frog tape measure, some wooden pieces (they are supposed to be bobbins and embroidery hoops, but I won't use them for that), some watering can stickers, a random wood piece, a Raphael Smash'em and some cake stands.
I found another Etsy order when I got home:
I totally placed it just for the minion donuts and then felt I couldn't justify the postage with just those. I wouldn't buy from them again, though. They printed the postage on the 21st, but didn't actually mail until the 24th. Don't tell me something is mailed when it's not yet.

Friday, April 23, 2021

hair cut and 2nd covid shot

April 18: My hair was driving me nuts, it wouldn't stay out of my face, so I cut it off.
I basically went in and said I wanted it short, the lady cut it to about my shoulders and I said I wanted shorter. Everyone has said it looks really cute on me. I like it. I like that I can dry it quickly after my shower, I just have to run a comb through it in the morning, that I don't get stuck on it when I sleep, that I don't have to style it a certain way to wear some of my clothes. I keep finding hair ties everywhere and I'm throwing them out. I always just buy the cheap ones at Dollar Tree, so I don't need to keep them for a few months until it's long enough to put in a ponytail. 
I enjoyed that M&M's congratulated me on my haircut:

I put together a wish of tag inserts:
a wish for cute magnets:
And was lazy the rest of the day. I picked up a veggie rice bowl as my celebration treat. It was really good.
April 19: Took a bunch of stuff to the post office and took care of some errands I didn't want to deal with if I had a bad reaction to the 2nd Covid vaccination shot on the 20th.
I received a color swap in the mail:
I'm a little disappointed in the child's stuff.
the rest of it:
And there's a lot of paper.
A hello card:
Very cute. I'm not good at making cards, I'm always amazed at what people make.
I received a shiny tag:
I was not pleased with the prayer card. That went right in the trash.
Also a SMS cuddly:
I wouldn't think of a a snail as cuddly, but this is so CUTE!!!
I put together a wish for happy mail stickers:
I have a stamp I usually put on the back of my outgoing envelopes, I had decided I wanted to start putting stickers instead (not sure why I already put other stickers on the envelopes) and then decided I didn't want the stickers, I'm now sending them out to people to grant wishes.
I put together a birthday wish:
Probably the last time I do a birthday parcel. It seems like everyone sending to me is just sending cards. I get it, I'm just tired of overgiving and not getting much in return. I can't afford to keep sending parcels and getting envelopes in return.
My hello card:
I'm kinda good at layering, so I usually start there and add stickers.
I made some bunny paperclips:
And a penpal swap:
One of the requirements was to package everything cute, I had gotten a 'folder' in the mail awhile back and recreated it for this swap.
The actual swap:
We had to send a pen pal letter, a washi sample, an altered paperclip, a handmade embellishment and a decorated tag.
April 20: I had my 2nd Covid vaccination appointment. This time mom and I were going to shop the town, so I scheduled it a bit later. We still got there wicked early, I think my mom thought it would take longer than it did (not sure why), and I got done before my scheduled time, meaning we were way too early for the shops, so we killed time at Dollar Tree:
I needed wrapping paper for a swap, I couldn't pass up the list pads, picked up tape, a Snickers caramel brownie, cactus paper tape, cactus stickers and some foam tape.
And it was still too early, so we went to Dollar General:
I found a bunch of cute bag tags, some big Reese's cups with pretzels, some owl stickers and washi. 
And then it was time for stores to open. Mom isn't really a go into kinda weird stores. She was done with Dollar General right when it hit 10AM, which is when the other stores opened. There was a a couple stores that kinda looked like Oriental Trading company stores and a Mexican restaurant and store, I would have loved to check that out. We did go to a clothing store that mom wanted to go to. I'd love to go back with a friend, I'm sure it's more interesting when all the stores are open as well. We did end up going to a local (at home) place for lunch. I had portabella soup and chicken alfredo pizza, it was pretty good. 
I decided to take my mail journal to work and do it during my break, it was really nice and relaxing, I think I'll continue doing that.
I found a wish for happy mail:
Maybe? I don't know, there wasn't a note. I especially like the Kirby sticker, but was not amused with the Pokemon stickers.
A wish for something yellow:
cute, but not actually yellow.
And a wish for tea:
These look great.
A furry tag:
I don't know what I'll do with this strange fabric.
A cat happy mail:
Not entirely impressed with this one, mostly because she sent Valentine's in April, and a cat dressed up for winter in April.
I ended up not having any reaction to the covid shot, which is great. It's hard to figure out why some people do and some people don't.
April 21: We had to have our first person trespassed at work since we reopened the stacks. It wasn't surprising as to why we did for this person, they do this same thing all the time, we have a no trespass order for a year and they come back and do it again. I hate that going back to normal means things like this. We got our employee appreciation meals that day, I had ordered a veggie croissant. None of the choices were very interesting, this one was just sad. I wouldn't even pay for it in a restaurant (probably more of a diner), at least it was a free meal.
I put together a wish for something butterfly:
planner stickers:
Something Harry Potter:
summer stickers:
SMS cuddly:
something book themed:
encouraging stickers:
a birthday card:
and happy mail stickers:
April 22: OK day at work. I feel everyday we still have to ask people to wear their masks. Stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up some veggies.
Found a RAK:
I'll use them, but I'm getting annoyed people have stopped sending notes for what groups things are for.
A happy mail:
I like the mermaid theme.
A wish for something purple and pig:
Those pigs are wicked cute.
I put together a secret swap:
And made a card:
Again with the layering.
April 23: Another tiring day of people. I'm tired of telling people to be adults. I had plans to go to a few garage sales after work. The day turned out to be colder than I expected, but garage sales. 
I took a bus up to Walmart, because I needed a notebook for a swap:
I totally forgot to pick one up at Dollar Tree on Tuesday, which turned out to be good because they are only 88 cents at Walmart, I was hungry so picked up a bunch of snacks in the checkout line.
The first sale was pretty much right next door to the Walmart. It's usually a huge sale, I was underwhelmed this year. I spent 12 cents on a tiny Pikmi puff:
I had 3 other sales on my list and was prepared to walk home by way of the sales. They were not exciting. I picked up the elephant figurine at the last one for a buck. I was hoping the first sales of the season would be better. Oh well, I'm excited to see them this year.
I found a bunch of mail when I got home. First, one of my Etsy purchases. I went on an Etsy shopping spree on Sunday, the 18th.
Some clay slices and cabochons. The first bag is a mix with Totoro clay slices in it, a bag of avocado slices, a bag of envelope slices, a clown cabochon and a chocolate bar cabochon.
I also picked up a mix of cabochons:
I think this is the first mix I've loved almost everything. They included a code for a discount on my next purchase, I want to buy a bigger mix of cabochons, except I never seem to use them.
Dog happy mail:
Not excited about the Dollar Tree stickers, the rest is cute, except I'm pretty sure we were supposed to send 5 items.
A tassel:
Very cute, love the colors and charms.
SMS pig:
Also cute.
SMS pig/gnome:
I don't use these, I'll just pass them on to someone else.
Happy mail:
I like the handmade postcard.
A unicorn mini pocket letter:
Narwhals are unicorns, but when it says unicorns, we mean the horses.
At least the extras were fun.
And another SMS pig:
very cute.
I ended up walking a bit over 3 miles and spending $1.12. Not so bad for the first day of the season. I'm debating on whether I want to go to one tomorrow, it's not close and there's not much else in that area, but it's all free.