Tuesday, July 27, 2021


July 17: Went to the grocery store, I didn't buy much more than ice cream the other day when I was there. Finally found a bunch of things in the mail.
A send me something green:
I have no idea what these are, so they went into a get rid of box.
A wish for happy mail:
the 17th was world emoji day, it was pretty cool they showed up on that day.
A wish for happy mail:
Love the Hello Kitty memo sheets, and the stickers.
A wish for die cuts:
I like the cats, not so much the cat mom.
I packed a bunch of my crafting stuff, still sorting.
 July 18: Got up early for laundry before work again. Work was getting back to normal, having evening shifts is killing me. I like being in the action, evenings are not busy.
July 19: Got up and went to Walmart, needed tape. I was putting it off because I never get just the thing I need. 
shirts, stickers, mini backpack, pain relief, dragon, rainbow

unicorn index cards, stickers, narwhal, mini backpack, notebook, tape.
I learned the shirts were pride shirts:
And another:
I just thought they were cute and cheap. They're from the guy's section, they always have better graphic tees.
It was full blown back to school at Walmart, I didn't buy any pens, pens are usually my weakness. I only picked up one notebook, but I gave in to the backpack charms of the mini bags, the narwhal and the rainbow.
I bypassed Target, but stopped at Dollar Tree.
magnets, cookies, drinks, pouch, calendar, puzzle, notebook, wallhanging.
I drank both drinks before I got home. I'm enjoying drinking the YooHoo when I've been out sweating all day. I needed a puzzle piece for my scavenger hunt. I've been eyeing that dog notebook for the last few times I was at the Dollar Tree, finally took the plunge and bought it. 
pens, rulers, notebooks, eraser, minions, bandages, card.
So much for not buying pens, I need a ruler. I bought all the different minions I found.
I found 3 things in the mail, a thank you card:
A surprise:
I like the stickers.
Sad thing is, this rosette wasn't attached so I could get it off easily.
Work was a bit busier, we're short people due to life. I about hit the end of my rope. Just the stress of moving, the stress of being the only one doing certain things, the stress of being short a person. It was too much. I wish I could take a break from life, I know in August it will be better.

Monday, July 26, 2021

orange skull

July 9: I didn't go to any garage sales, it was a rainy day. I did give in and stop at our booksale. I picked up 3 books for a buck each. Someday I'm going to go and just take the time to look. I haven't been to a sale in awhile, cause I certainly don't need more books.
July 10: Put together a couple things to mail out, like a gnome door:
before getting ready to leave for my shopping day. One friend brought me some more boxes and we were on our way. We stopped at Michael's in Ankeny on our way to Des Moines. I had heard washi was on sale. Apparently all the crafting stores are doing a clearance event right now. I managed to not get anything in the big clearance aisle they had set up. I found other things though:

Tons of stickers and washi (don't need any of it). To be fair, the closest Michael's is about 30 minutes away, I don't know the last time I came here. Also, Hobby Lobby doesn't have any of this stuff. 
I found this cute notebook:
I wish they had the guinea pig on something I would have used.
We went to lunch next, I wanted something exciting and different, but got a little flustered when it was time to order. Next up was the Goodwill outlet:
I don't like digging, so it's not a great place for me to go. I did pick up a cute painting, some envelopes, this neat fabric piece, and some toys.
And then we went across the street to wash hands at the Walgreen's
I love the little Ty owl. So cute.
I received a wish for something green in the mail:
July 11: got my laundry done and had to work. Three weeks is moving day. my mom delivered some more boxes.
July 12: Boring day, found a piece of happy mail:
I can always use stamps.
July 13: I made a gnome card:
And a birthday card/flip book for a supervisor:
I find it harder to figure out what to put in flip books for people that are not in my mail groups. I ended up giving her a lot of sticky notes.
Went to the post office, filled out a change of address form and headed to the grocery store. Got a bunch of ice cream, it was on sale. Talked to a friend about life. I kinda feel like no one's taking my feelings into account when they plan things lately. My friend said I could get rid of my futon and not replace it, I didn't have to have people over to my place. She also said I didn't have to sort before packing, that's the thing that I'm having issues with. I'm changing my stance to just put things in boxes and deal with the sorting later.
July 14: I ended up being on the bookmobile again, due to schedule issues. I'm supposed to be alternating with someone else. Had a dr's appointment, made it there on time, but no one was around to take care of my thing. When I got home I was dripping with sweat, so I took a quick shower.
I made a pocket letter:
We were in a tornado watch when i got to work, so we delayed going out a bit. The computer didn't work again. There was a lot of rain.
July 15: Found health insurance was still being taken out of my pay check, so I went to talk to HR, they said I must've said no change instead of no and on the insurance website it says I said to carry it over. I'm so annoyed, I even emailed them this year, asking if someone could ask to see if I did it correctly. I was fairly certain I said no. The lady said they had to take what it said online because anyone could come in halfway through the year and say they didn't ok it. I had deleted the confirmation email because I assumed it was set up. I hate when people say that, it's just a nicer way of saying we don't believe you.
I headed out to Hobby Lobby to pick up tape and of course found other things.
octopus, flower, tape, ribbon, mason jar cutouts, stickers, paper, sticky notes, charms and pens.
The octopus was clearanced down quite a bit, it was missing an arm, so I bought the flower to put on the broken part. I was kinda annoyed that Christmas wasn't out yet. I expect Christmas to be out by my birthday, I did take pictures of some of the crafting stuff that was out, so I can pick it up when it's actually on sale. The paper pad was just so pretty I couldn't pass it by, it would make a nice explosion box.
I went to JoAnn's next because they are in the same strip and I had coupons.
The trim was marked down, but the one with the dangles, not quite as much as I wanted. Everything was on sale except the mermaid, but I used a coupon on that, and then after paying decided there was a reason i didn't go there that often. My JoAnn's is more fabric stuff (maybe cause they're so close to Hobby Lobby), I wish they had more of the paper crafting.
I ended up at HyVee, picking up a sandwich and French Toast.
Here's my octopus with the flower:
July 16: Signed up for a scavenger hunt swap and then spent most of the afternoon looking for items. I made a forest friends card:
We had to make a card with a forest friend (an animal you'd find in the forest) and then include 5 other forest animal things.
Sent stickers, ribbon, paper bags, wood pieces and a paper clip.
I got a surprise ready to mail:
And at 3 left for a garage sale, spent a bit over $10:
I really like everything I got.
The beads:
I keep packing things up pretty much right after getting them, I'm going to be so surprised when i unpack. I keep forgetting I've bought things.
It was a slow mail week. I had taken a little time off from my mail groups and I was definitely feeling it. I did do one of tags on Tuesday. 

Sunday, July 25, 2021

More birthday mail

July 7: Opened more birthday mail:
cute theme of avocado.
Nice card and coin purse, this was delivered to me postage due, I informed the sender and she got upset with me. There was a bulky spot, probably the zipper on the coin purse, that's why it was a parcel.
Lots of nice stickers.
This person included a cute, little flip book.
Lots of cute birthday stickers.
Nice, encouraging stickers.
Again, with the birthday postcard.

I can always used stamps, love the handmade card, too, not a lot of those.
This card was pretty funny.
I like these stickers.

Cute stickers
I like the epoxy stickers, lots of nice stickers.

This was a pretty funny card, too. I liked all the goodies.
Cute card.
Lots of stuff in here, I liked the cute card.
This was very sparkly.

Nice card.
I liked the gnome theme. 
Another cute flip book.
I love the dog theme.
Cute card, stickers, and memo sheets.
Cute card and stickers.
Lots of stickers.

I was so excited when this came in, it was squishy, I thought it was a stuffed animal, I won't use these.
My friend made me these cute tiny crocheted food, they're about the size of a quarter.
 I got another birthday card in the mail:
Very cute, also cute ribbon.
I went out on the bookmobile that night, we were at a north grocery store, I love this M&M's bag:
Mostly because my computer was having issues and it felt like I was pretending to work. I could get to the internet, so I just had to change what I was working on.
July 8: I ended up going shopping, went to the Dollar Tree:

I wanted more exciting stuff, and might have bought too many notebooks because I wanted more. I picked up duplicates of stickers I had picked up before. One of the ladies in my mail groups keeps asking for cheetah stuff, I'm planning on sending her a fun package once I unpack.
I had to go to Target for toothbrush heads:
I wasn't going to look at anything else, but I went to the season section to see if it was back to school season yet. They were just putting things out, I did find this 6 pack of Marvel gel pens. The charms are supposed to be interchangeable, but some of them ripped when I went to take them off, not sure they were worth the $10. The Pound Puppies were in the Dollar Spot for $3 each, I had to pick them up. I've been seeing the regular size ones in the toys, but couldn't justify spending the money. I was ok picking these up.