Saturday, May 15, 2021

More stickers I don't need

May 1: I created an altered composition book for a swap:
I used some springy looking paper and vintage ribbon.
I received a wish for something pig, encouraging and elephant:
I don't do coloring pages, threw them away.
And a wish for something pig, elephant from the same person
Again, they went in the garbage.
I got a wish for happy mail:
I like the butterfly and the stickers.
I also created an envelope flip book:
tried to go shabby chic for my partner's likes.
Put together a wish for something llama:
And created a flower pocket letter, it was a free theme, but my partner likes flowers:
I also received a couple birthday mails, one that was postage due but delivered anyway, I messaged the person as an FYI with a picture, she replied back about a totally separate issue and said it wasn't her fault. it's always someone else's fault. One of the ladies I've been talking to about my postage due issues, asked if I invited them, if I got into it with someone at the post office, again always someone else's fault. Every time I see the item, I can tell why it's postage due, if people would just mail things flat or realize they are parcels, I wouldn't have issues. It's becoming very annoying.
 May 2: Blogger rearranged my pictures again. This is what I included in a loaded destash envelope:
We had to include 15 stickers, 3 handmade embellishments, 6 pieces of patterned paper, 2 altered paperclips, a shiny item, 15 die cuts, 2 pieces of ribbon, and a rosette. These could have been stuff we made or we got in other swaps and didn't need.
And here's the 5x7 envelope I had to create and decorate and put it all in:
I made a cute rosette with a piece of the resin things I've been buying lately:
I really like it. I'm not great at making rosettes.
I figured out a cute way to package glitter:
Put it in an empty pen tube. I closed the ends with self- adhesive gems. I like the idea, but I don't have anyone to send glitter to.
I made a sticker bomb pocket letter:
Basically all you have to do is cover a paper with stickers. I used a ton of ones I didn't like from a sticker book.
I put together a Grant a Wish of something cute fox:
I had bought this ribbon on Friday, not knowing why, I guess this is why.
May 3: I went to Hobby Lobby for stickers (I certainly don't need more).

I picked up some jump rings, small pliers set, mini wooden rolling pins and some flush cutters.
I want to try my hand at the chunky charms, I needed the jump rings and flush cutters and an extra pliers, figured the mini pliers set was the same price as a bigger pliers I wanted, so why not.
And the paper studio was 50% off. So, I picked up a few stickers (and used some on my journal, I don't usually use them right away). cats in things, gemstone hot air balloons, epoxy hedgehogs, more hot air balloons, an animal sticker book, mini rosettes, puffy bees, plaid pumpkins.
elephants, cacti, fairies, puffy sloths and some clear flower.
I received a bunny paperclip swap, it was mailed on May 1st, was supposed to be mailed by April 28th.
I find that one with the big eyes, kinda creepy.
She included extras, which I feel you should if you mail late:
And all the goodies in the back of the pocket letter.
I also received a pen pal happy mail swap:
I love the shaker.
We were supposed to send a pen pal letter, a decorated tag, a washi sample, a decorated paperclip and a handmade embellishment. There were a lot of handmade embellishments in her package, very cute.
I also received a destash tag:
Not a lot I'll be using in here.

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