Sunday, May 16, 2021

Minion earrings

May 4: Finished my first book of May, which was over 400 pages long. Found 7 items in the mailbox on the way into work.
First, a mini unicorn pocket letter, this is a resend of the "narwhal" one. 
the person who sent to me became rude because I called them out on sending something that wasn't a unicorn.
a wish for something gnome:
A sloth pocket letter:
I'm a little tired of the simple pocket letters I get back when I put so much energy into what I send out, I've decided to just keep doing what I'm doing, I enjoy it and maybe I'll get a gem some day.
The back:
And all the goodies:
I like the stickers.
This person also had to send me sloth happy mail:

Funny thing, I found that same coin purse while I was out shopping a few weeks ago, now I have two cute ones. I was not happy that she sent them both 11 days late.
A cute flip book:
Love how she made it:
And all the goodies she included:
And the back:
May 5th: I had the day off and my friend and I went shopping, it's been way over a year since we've done this. She got me some minion earrings as an early birthday present:
I put them on that day. I've only been wearing earrings that have backs, otherwise they seem to fall out.
My friend and I found a couple cute things:
I have an old timey radio that looks kinda like this, it doesn't exactly work, but it was my grandparents.
Also, this cute figurine:
I did pick up some things:
I need some birthday stickers, and the summer reading program theme this year is Reading Colors Your World, thought I'd pass these on to our youth department.
Dollar Tree was another store we went to:
I needed a couple things, but nothing really interesting, I was just there the Friday before.
The stickers are cute, as are the socks, I bought those kinda out of peer pressure, I don't find Dollar Tree socks to be worth the dollar.
Another thrift store:
I was extra excited to find the minion and journaling kits.
As we were on the way home, we stopped for ice cream, but I couldn't pass up the cupcakes instead.
I found an owl tag when I got home:
A great selection of stickers, a punch and a stamp.
Lots of stickers:
A wish of something elephant:
extra bonus that it's handmade and crocheted, I totally added the googly eye.
And the last pen pal happy mail swap, another item mailed late:
Also, she is missing a washi sample and the penpal letter isn't really, it's a currently...
May 6: We were short a couple people at work, so it was kind of interesting. I found a RAK when I got home:
I'll probably pass it on to someone else.

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