Wednesday, April 07, 2021


March 28: Had to print a few things off for my vaccine appointment on the 30th, so I decided to take a walk while I was out. I found a bed of rocks:
Very cool, I didn't know this existed:
Also, have no idea what the rocks are, this has quartz
As does this one, I feel I should visit it more often.
And some Siberian Irises:
I didn't get near as far as I wanted to, I decided my goal was a little too far for the first walk of the season.
When I got home, I put together a new sticker set tag:
A flower swap:
A Y card:
And a color swap:
Apparently I should have put more in it.
 March 29: Blogger rearranged my photos, these are backwards, so I guess we'll start with mail. I received a unicorn tag:
I love the tiny charms.
A Rainbow Artist Trading Card swap:
I put together a spring tag:
An Easter gift for a friend:
I went down to Hobby Lobby and HyVee. I didn't need anything at Hobby Lobby, but I wanted to pick up some candy for Easter at HyVee.
Everything I bought was on sale. The bunnies and egg were 40% off for Easter stuff, the avocado was 40% off for Summer Toys, the napkin holders were 40% off for spring stuff. The stickers and ribbon were marked down for clearance. I realized they're not actually getting rid of this stuff, they are raising the prices. I found a pack of pens from years past at home and one from last year, same pens, different decoration on them, but the one from last year was a buck more than the others. I'm not excited to know this. I picked up the bunny coin purse, avocado and egg for my Easter basket. The ginkgo napkin holders were for my mother. They had a whole line of ginkgo stuff, but the rest looked more like fans, less like ginkgo leaves. I wanted to pick up the alphabet stickers a couple weeks ago, figured they were still there for me.
Not entirely sure why I picked up the felt stickers, originally $5.99, seriously? I wanted this hedgehog back when it came out for Valentine's day. I had to pick up the sticker books, one is stronger together with women of all colors and the other is bookish. I was going to pick up a trinket dish from the spring shop for my aunt for Easter and then I found these clearanced out and got them instead. 
The Twin Bing, Cherry Mash for my dad, the Hershey's dark chocolate nuggets and kisses for Easter eggs, the Cadbury eggs for me. The Lindt for Easter eggs. The birthday cake Kisses were for work, I wanted to try them, and I know people like trying them, too. I didn't appreciate that the Hershey's candies were buy 2 get 1 free, but only on select candies, and you really had to dig to figure out the select ones, of course the birthday cake kisses weren't included.
March 30: Again with the backwards pictures. 
A replacement bunny swap:

A wish for happy mail stickers.
A cute pen tag.
A Random Act of Kindness for something yellow;
Another Random Act of Kindness:
Love those feather die cuts.
And a happy mail from a friend.
I was having a rough week, so she sent me something fun. I LOVE the lizard.
Headed out to my vaccine appointment shortly after 8, the appointment was at 9, but I didn't realize it was about an hour drive. I had gotten so excited to find an appointment, that I just kinda picked a time.
And then that sorta got me in trouble. The website asked if I wanted to make an appointment for the 2nd one, I said no cause I was so used to all the appointments disappearing when I took an extra second for something. When I got there, they didn't ask for insurance or proof that I had other conditions, it took a few seconds. They said I had to wait until the 17th to make the 2nd appointment because they're scheduling software didn't go that far out, why would it when I make the first but not the 2nd. So now I get to go through all the fun anxiety I went through for the first one. Everyone else I talked to, said they got to make their 2nd appointment when they got the first shot. It's very annoying.
I picked up some pistachio muffins to celebrate:
And talked my mom into going to the Dollar Tree next door.
Picked up some stickers, double stick tape, paper tape, hand lotion, squishies, drinks and notebooks. Other than stickers this one really didn't have much exciting (which is fine).
I had plans to go to a park with a friend cause it was Walk in the Park day, we checked out a new bookstore and then parted ways. At the end of the night, I apparently walked 14,000 steps. Not quite true, I waved my hand 14,000 times. I know I got close or over 10,000 but not that much.
March 31: Slow day at work, at least we didn't have to argue with anyone to put their mask on. I'm getting tired of that, and asking them to wear it properly.
The Amazon guy was delivering a package when I got home. It's for a Send Me Something cuddly:
It's an Arctic Fox plush.
Also found a wish for tea:
I put together a wish for something unicorn/rainbow:
A mermaid happy mail:
A wish for something sunflower.
And a wish for something Dollar Tree:

April 1: Another slow day at work, my friend made me a little bee friend to celebrate me getting the first shot:
It's so cute!!!
I found a wish for happy mail:
Lots of stickers here.
A Y card:
The edges are very rough, but interesting choice.
And a RAK of something elephant:
April 2: Found a spring tag in the mail:
Cute, but I knew I wouldn't use it, so I put it in my aunt's Easter surprise.
A Blue, Purple and Orange color swap:
An April Fool's joke:
I liked it, it was cute.
Some happy mail:
She made a cute little pocket/flip book and put washi, stickers and labels in it. I hope to copy this and send something like it to someone else.

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