Sunday, June 10, 2018

Italian Dressing

Sunday: I had to work, and I got laundry done.
Monday: I started a new schedule at the library, I'll be opening on Mondays. I decided to try some tea I got in a swap to help wake me up in the morning, it was pretty good. I had woken up at 3AM, so was basically exhausted all day. I got back to sleep but rather fitfully and kept waking up a lot. I gave in and bought a Mountain Dew to help. It was really busy at work, I don't usually work Monday mornings, so I don't know if it's usually really busy, but it's officially summer (because school's out), we started our summer reading program on Friday as well as our free meals for kids, but I didn't work on Friday. I also learned some more things in our Interlibrary loan department, that was fun. We were slammed over the weekend, we finally got caught up enough to where we only have carts of stuff from Sunday, had a lot of hold requests come through as well. I stayed a bit late talking about something and as I was leaving we had a lost child call, thankfully we found them right away. As I was walking home, this couple was walking in front of me and commenting about how the item they wanted was checked out, and then this guy illegally parked really badly to pick up a stroller that he left behind. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get some more tea, some donuts and cereal. As I was leaving, I unfortunately got behind a retirement home group and we had this traffic jam getting out the door. My grocery store has one in door and one out door, both automated so you can't go out the in door unless someone coming in has tripped it. They wouldn't move out of the way so anyone else could leave. Found some happy mail waiting for me when I got home.
Junk journal supplies:
 An altered clipboard:
I also found some cactus/tropical address labels from St. Jude's.
I got some swaps ready to mail.
Destash wish:
 Cactus tag:
 Pocket letter tag:
 I was exhausted all day, but by the time 10PM rolled around I didn't want to go to bed.
Tuesday: I had to make a pocket letter for a group and couldn't get motivated so I looked through ones I had received. I started to make it and and then realized there were specifics I had to have on it.
A flower, a bicycle and a spring sentiment.
I put together some more tags/swaps.
Butterfly wish:
 Birthday happy mail:
I'm glad I set my alarms last week, it was weird going to work on a Tuesday night. I have to adjust my thinking because I can't slack off all day and then get my swaps ready to mail at night.
Work was interesting. Had an issue with our automated handling system that took my boss a long time to fix. We had a bunch of interlibrary loans come in and since no one had any time and one of the people that does contacting left, I got to do them all. I was pretty proud of myself for getting about 95% of them done.
Wednesday: Just a regular day at the library. Went to mail my stuff and the postal lady decided the three envelopes that I sent that were pretty much the same as that above photo with a card were parcels because they didn't bend. I've never run into that before. I've always been told not thicker than 1/4" inch, not heavier than 1 ounce. I barely skated through with three note cards and envelopes in another envelope. I'm a bit annoyed at her for that. I also had another package that I sent basically the same thing through last week as a large envelope and she told me it was a parcel. I'll try to get my regular people next week. We had a pretty big thunderstorm Wednesday night and the power went out for about an hour, and then the internet took awhile to come back up. I was worried I'd wake up to a puddle on my floor again, but I don't think we got that much rain.
Received some happy mail:
Summer stickers, even though the package at the bottom are not stickers.
Thursday: This is my new day off. I basically watched movies and read all day. I did find some happy mail in my mailbox.
 So they are cute, but I'm a little disappointed because you're not supposed to send handmade items.
pocket letter:
 Rainbow happy mail:
 Not quite seeing the rainbow
die cuts:
Love these, especially that pacman ghost in the middle of the bottom
Friday: Got up sorta early for a garage sale. Found a bunch of cute tea sets:
 But, the prices were outrageous. The tiny ones were $15 each, the large one in the back was $35, though the lady running the sale told me that anything with a red slash was half of that. I'm still not spending $7.50 for one of those. I will not pay antique store prices at a garage sale. You could tell that's where they were from.
Went to lunch with a friend and then went to talk with my parents about my birthday present. I wasn't excited. After going over our schedule for the trip, we went into money. My parents are giving my brother their time share, because they never use it. The value dad told me it would be if they sold it was kinda big (for me) and he said since they're giving my brother that, they would also give me the same amount in money. They're depositing some in a retirement fund and some CD's. And then another amount will be left over that dad will give to me in increments, X amount for extra spending money for our trip. But, he also said that I was required to spend X for the transportation. Also, if you're giving me money, why don't you just give it to me and let me decide what to do with it? I don't really think of it as a gift if I don't get to use it for 30 years.
We went to a couple newish grocery stores and I spent about $12 on chocolate. Found some happy mail when I got home.
Letter I:
I'm never going to use these. I like the creativity in the letter I, but I wish she had sent me something crafty/pen pal useful, cause that's what the group is about. As I get more mail from this group, I'm not as interested. I guess that will help with me saving money on postage.
We went to Texas Roadhouse for supper. I'm giving up on Texas Roadhouse. The food doesn't taste as good as when it was brand new and different for me.
Saturday: I planned to get up and go to a couple garage sales, but couldn't talk myself into it. I find it hard to go out garage saleing when I have to work in the afternoon, especially when there aren't any sales that sound interesting. Work was busy, normal Saturday.

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