Friday, February 02, 2018

I'm done shopping for the month

I'm so done shopping for the month. I had to go to Walmart for underwear and Dollar Tree for padded envelopes and body wash, figured I'd stop by Target, cause it's right there. Everything I picked up from Target was from the dollar spot except a Valentine's card kit, I found that with the crafting supplies:
 Power bank ($5), pens ($1), Valentine's card kit ($5), trim ($1), tiny bags ($1 each), foam hearts ($1), stationary kit ($3), cards ($1)
My dad gave me a power bank years ago, but I seem to have misplaced it when I moved, so I picked this one up, it's got a unicorn print on it. I liked the pens because they have tiny hearts on them. I mainly picked up the card kit to see what was in it. The trim is also hearts, it's kind of a gold color. I picked up the bags because they were cute. The blue one says Keep it Together and has 60 springy colored paper clips in it. The purple one says For Keeps and has 8 mini binder clips. The white one says Whoops and has 12 erasers, 6 teal starfish and 6 yellow shells. They are all iridescent. I will probably use them for other things. I recently got a flip book in the mail that had one of the purple hearts in it, I'm really excited to have found these. I was just looking at the pack and realized there's only one of the purple things, there's 4 pink ones 1 silver one and 2 white ones. The stationary kit has a mechanical pencil, a mini notebook, an eraser, stickers and the pouch. The cards are white with ombre hearts on them.
Here's the contents of the Valentine card kit:
 the pouch, foam stickers, a shaker heart, foil stickers, puffy stickers, some tags and 3 vellum envelopes.
Here's what's in the envelopes:
 one had cardstock pieces, one had chipboard pieces and the last one had foam pieces. My total for Target was $22, but I'm still working on some gift cards from Christmas, so technically it was all free.
Next up was Walmart, I was supposed to pick up underwear and tape. Of course I found other things:
 Birthday stickers ($0.98), foil heart stickers ($0.97), puffy glitter Easter stickers ($0.97), puffy egg stickers ($0.97), Valentine woodland creatures ($0.97), heart puffy stickers ($0.97), heart confetti ($0.98).
I'm still stocking up on birthday stuff. These heart stickers have little emoji faces. It's never too early to start getting Easter stuff. I couldn't pass up these cute woodland stickers. I totally picked these up for the teal color. And I really liked the heart confetti.
Marshmallow pops ($1 each), gift bags ($0.98), Oreo bar ($1.34), stuffed sloth ($2.98), double stick tape ($5.84), Minion blind bags ($0.50 each).
I love these marshmallow things, so I picked up some more. There's two gift bags in this pack, the other one has hearts on it, I thought they didn't need to be used just for Valentine's Day. I love these Oreo things, especially the mint ones. I really loved the sloth, too. When I found out these blind bags were only 50 cents each, I had to get them, after opening them up, I'm saddened to say I have paid full price for them on other occasions, I did get my underwear, I just decided the world didn't need the picture of them. My total for Walmart was $34.
Last stop was Dollar Tree, it started snowing on me before I got there, the forecast told me I needed my big heavy coat because of the windchill and that it wasn't supposed to snow until after 4, it was wrong on both accounts.
I bought one of these birds last year at Hobby Lobby for 2 something, now they're at Dollar Tree:
 I only needed body wash and padded envelopes, I ended up spending way too much on way too many things I didn't need:
 frog, bunny, bandages, body wash, gnome figurines, honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces, calendar, keychain, hand sanitizer.
I can't pass up cute figurines for a buck. I also can't pass up bandages, I don't use a lot, but I like to have cool ones when I have to use them. Got my body wash. I like these pretzel pieces, I picked up two bags. LOVE that I got a day by day calendar for a buck, it was the only one I saw, but I like the theme. Today is Play Your Ukulele Day. Squeesh-yum donut keychain, I admit I can't get enough of these. I picked up this hand sanitizer just cause it has the Tootsie roll owl on it, it says the scent is Tootsie roll, I don't know how I feel about that.
 garland, figurines, note cards, pins, bunnies, lifesavers, cards, pens.
I picked up the garland to pull off the clovers for a St Patrick's Day loaded envelope. Again with the figurines, these are fairies and woodland creatures. I'm always needing cards, it's easier to just sent a notecard instead of making one with my art swaps. I picked up the pins for the loaded envelope as well. The bunnies are glittery foam shapes for Easter. I like gummies. I also love these metallic pens.
 I may have gone a little overboard with the stickers. I got rather excited to see some good ones. The first set is from Pebbles, they are a bunch of summer banners, I got two sheets. Heidi Swapp, they are circles with random sayings in them, I picked up two sets of each of the circles. Jot layered summer themed stickers, I picked up two of these as well. Jot brand layered woodland stickers. Jot laser stickers, I may have picked these up solely for the pineapple with sunglasses. Jot Do It Yourself coloring stickers, hearts. Greenbriar valentine shaker stickers, I picked up two sheets of these, I'm a little bummed that the sequins in them aren't valentine colored. Jot Dot It Yourself coloring stickers, birds.
Shimelle stickers, I was a Greedy Greta and picked up all 8 sheets they had. I'm planning on sending them out in swaps. I picked up a sheet of these at Hobby Lobby last year on clearance for about $3. The Pier Crate Paper label stickers, I picked up two of these, I'm also planning to send them out in swaps. Greenbriar Valentine's stickers.
I spent about $41 here. I might be set for stickers for awhile.
I also had some exciting swaps waiting in my mailbox when I got home. A Vintage Valentine File Folder Pocket Letter:
 A Valentine's Day pocket letter:
 And an ugly paper swap:

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