Wednesday, January 04, 2017


I don't do resolutions usually, but I did decide to do a couple things this year (and feel like I'm not doing very good already).
I thought I'd try to:
1. Read more
2. Watch less Youtube
3. Craft more
4. Drink less pop
5. Spend less.
I had to go get some tennis shoes for my temporary job which starts tomorrow, so I went to Walmart, TJ Maxx and Claire's yesterday.
I had planned to pick up the shoes at JC Penny's, but I found a couple pairs at Walmart, and I hope they'll hold up.
 Shopkins marshmallow pop, Christmas ornament, washi tape, buttons, stickers, chocolate, Valentine's box.
At this Walmart, they have most of their Valentine candy right inside the door, I loved this Shopkins marshmallow pop. I secretly love Shopkins, not so much collecting the actual toys, but the cute images. I picked up a set of jumbo playing cards at Dollar Tree with the intent of cutting them out and using them in art, it hasn't happened yet, plus the pop was only a dollar. I also saw this cute frog box. I used to collect frogs awhile ago when I was with my ex, I kinda stopped after we broke up because they reminded me too much of him. I really liked this frog and it was only five dollars.
I found a couple deals in the Christmas section, the ornament and the buttons. I picked up the buttons because I'm doing a couple snow/winter pocket letters and snowmen are winter for me. I love this ornament, but the more I look at it, I wonder if I really saved money. This guy was originally $7.99, marked down to one something. My issue is, I wouldn't have bought it for $8, so did I really save money by buying it. I'm having that though about some stuff I bought at Hobby Lobby the other day, too. I'm not bothered that I bought them, I just keep thinking of that.
I picked up the stickers for Valentine's Day. I love making things for Valentine's Day, though the other day I was thinking I should stop doing extra things for people. I love(d) doing this, but I guess I'm tired of doing it so much and never getting things in return, which I know isn't how I should feel.
I had to visit the clearance section, though all I found was the scotch washi for one dollar.
Here are the shoes, the blue ones were marked down to $9, and the black were regular price at about $10. I hope they'll hold up, but I guess it's not a big deal if they don't I only have the job for basically 2 weeks. I will be working more than 8 hours between my two jobs the whole time, but I don't wear tennis shoes much otherwise. I love the black ones, I walked around in them the other day, not too much, I was going to wear them to work this morning, but it was 4 degrees. I chose my warm boots instead. It's supposed to be chilly the rest of the week because winter has come back to Iowa, we were getting a little spoiled with the just at freezing temperatures, and I know winter is usually worse in Jan and Feb, so I'm not really surprised. I just hate wicked cold. Anywho, I'm planning on wearing them to the two training days I have tomorrow and Friday. I start the long days on Saturday, I'm used to my feet hurting at the end of these long days as it is. Twenty bucks is a lot cheaper than sixty.
I picked up the razors because I put razor blades on my Christmas list and didn't get them. I'm waiting for Target to put a cartwheel up for my razor blades, but in the meantime, I thought I'd try these. I use the Gillette Fusion, I've found it to be the best by far, except the price for the blades, but apparently cheaper name brand blades don't really exist. These are Walmart brand and they said to compare them to the Gillette Fusion, and they were only about $3, so if they don't work, I'm only out $3. I'm currently using some disposables which I don't really like, I feel I'm shaving more than usual.
I picked up the antibacterial ointment to compare to neosporin. I picked up the lip gloss because I had a dumb moment, I was really just looking for chapstick (which I got), but I saw these in the Christmas section and was thinking they were lip balm, they'll probably go out in friendmail.
My Walmart is right next to our sad mall. So, I went over there, and checked out TJ Maxx
I picked up these snacks because like I said, I'm working long hours, I'm hoping these will give me the energy I need. I picked up the emoji snacks because it was lunch time and I was hungry, plus they were only two dollars. They are rice crispy treats with frosting. They are pretty good, just rather large, they're probably about an inch thick. Thought I might send the heart eyes out in a friend mail, Valentine's is coming. I picked up the tape, cause I'm low on tape. I wasn't sure I should because it's removable tape, so I don't know how great the quality is, but I need tape. I don't really want to go back to Hobby Lobby until Valentine's is on sale because I don't want to spend more money there, and I know I will if I go. I really need to find it somewhere cheaper than $12, I do always make sure I use a 40% off coupon, so it's really only 7 something, but it only lasts about a month. I wish I could find a good cheap place to buy it in bulk.

I did start the year out reading a book (only because I couldn't renew it), it was ok. I haven't really cut back on Youtube. I have started another Christmas flipbook (because I want to make one). I did go all day yesterday without drinking pop, but I also went shopping yesterday. I spent like $50 at Walmart, of course I could just consider I would have spent about $60 on shoes. If I just didn't go out (and the cold does help with this), I wouldn't be spending money (I'm not a big online shopper, there's just too much, I feel overwhelmed). But my temporary job is at a retail store, and though I don't get discounts, it's a university bookstore, so they have stationary items, and they do have some pretty cool stuff for sale.
I also want to change my attitude about swaps. I love doing them, but I hate that I always send things out on time and I keep running into people that don't and don't message me to let me know it's late. I want to be happy that I'm in the swap and just get excited when I get mail, but I get all annoyed when things are late, or people don't follow through. I feel the attitude change is going to take a little longer.
I'm trying. I guess that's all I can do.

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