Friday, January 20, 2017

Busy few weeks

Last time I checked in, seems to be the 4th. Since then, I've basically been working. Tomorrow will be my first day off since then. I went shopping a couple days I got done early, but it's mostly been work.
On the January 9th I caught the sunrise on my way to work:
 I don't know about anyone else, but I find it extremely hard to get out of bed before the sun has risen. Most days I had to be at my 3rd job at 8AM, which meant getting up at 6:30.
 On January 10th, I didn't have to be there until 11, so since I had to catch a pretty early bus, I checked out the sale section and picked up these fingerless gloves/mittens
 I'm not entirely sure how I feel about them. I like them as gloves, I don't really like flipping up the mitten part, it seems a little small. I did get some use out of them the other day when my hands were cold and I was typing on the computer.
I tried to listen to music while taking a bath Friday night, but my speaker wouldn't work (found out later it was an issue with the outlet, and not my speaker), so I picked up this guy Saturday at work:
I'd say he's about the size of my hand, he cost me about $20, and an additional $5 for that pink cord there.
 One day on the way into work, I found this guy on the ground.
 Apparently, he is Thresh and he's only available at GameStop. I don't know what to do with him.
That same day I tried to spend money at CVS. They had sent me a 30% off my total purchase coupon, so I wandered over there to see if they had anything good, I did find this:
 I'd love to get that for Valentine's Day. Sadly, I came to the same realization as the last time I'd been in there, it's just way too expensive. I think it's a great resource for the college kids who don't have a pharmacy or close grocery store by campus, but it's too expensive for me.
This was Sunday, it was pretty dead, so I got to go home about an hour and a half early, so I went shopping. Mostly because I wanted to go shopping on Monday, but there was an ice storm in the forecast.
First stop, Dollar Tree
 I picked up the monster card for me, the bug card for my friend. I couldn't pass up the chocolate. I picked up the heart pics for loaded envelopes, I want to try my hands at those. I picked up the bobble head dog and the stone for swaps. The bug is for me, and the felt trim is for swaps.
That stone was very poorly painted, I should have looked at it better, but I keep seeing people haul them and I just wanted one. I painted the 'stone' part purple and repainted the red parts, then I went over it with mod podge, I didn't like the rough feeling in my hands.
 Stickers! I know they need no explanation. There's a couple sheets of Valentine's stickers. I picked up the vintage looking ones and then got home and found I already had them, so I sent them off in a swap. I'll probably send the flower ones off, too, I wanted them at the time, but I don't think I'll actually use them. The box of stickers was too cute to pass up. I also couldn't pass up the troll book, it's different from the one I picked up at JoAnn's. I loved the Disney princesses one it has all their 'buddies' and the sticker that sold me is Belle with a pile of books. I also picked up the foam flowers for swaps.
 I can't pass by gel pens. I did send the brights off in a swap. I picked up that 'tape' box for my friend's birthday in March, it reminds me of the tape from Guardians of the Galaxy. I picked up the stereo speaker just in case. The other box is for me, but I might end up sending it out in a swap. I really needed the shower pouf (and other things I didn't pick up) and the chocolate is for a swap.
I spent about $30.
Next up was Target.
 I realized on the bus ride over there that I didn't have my gift cards with me, so I didn't spend too much. Found all of these but the minion in the dollar spot. The Shopkins stickers and erasers were a dollar. The tags are pink with faux leather rose gold hearts. I thought it'd be cool to stamp on the tags and use the hearts for something else. I picked up the stamp set because I've always wanted one of those rolly stamps. I was disappointed, you couldn't really see what the sayings were. I also think I'm giving up on this, I don't think I'll use most of the sayings, so I'll probably send it out in a swap. I liked the thick gold tape, but every time I use Target dollar spot washi for something it doesn't stick very well, so I think I'm done buying it. I picked up the minion sucker for me. I picked up the bags because they measure 2 by 3, thought I could use them in flip books.
Monday, we basically had rain, freezing rain, and sleet all day. Everything was covered in a thin sheet of ice, not fun. It was still a bit icy on my way into work on Tuesday. Wednesday, the high was almost in the 50's and it mostly melted it all off. We've been having overcast days and fog warnings since then. There was fog when I got off work tonight at 6pm, it's like we're in a scary movie or something.
The other day, I found these cute Golden books on the free shelf at the library.
 They are about 2 inches square. I don't know what I'll use them for, but I couldn't pass them up.
Thursday, the 19th I got done early again, so I stopped at JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby on my way home.
I usually don't go to JoAnn's, since my store rearranged, their paper crafting section sucks. I do go in sometimes to look at their holiday stuff, though. This time I noticed they had a $1.50 and $3.00 section:
 All the hanging stuff is $1.50 and the stuff in the bins are $3.00
 That was pretty cool, if they continue to do this, I'll definitely go back.
Found this cute little heart on the sidewalk on my way to Hobby Lobby
 I saw this at Hobby Lobby, but couldn't justify spending the money on it, I might make something similar.
 I did buy a few things at JoAnn's:
 sticker book for my friend's birthday. These heart stickers are the puffed up epoxy ones. The erasers/cards are for a swap. I signed up to do a sweet treats flip book, I really wanted to get the monster set, but I bought these for the swap, maybe the monsters will still be there after Valentine's Day. I have also signed up for a wand swap, so I picked up some doilies and some leftover Christmas cupcake liners.
Here's what I got at Hobby Lobby:
 felt hearts for a swap. The griffin pendant is for my friend. The "w" is for me, I have a hard time passing up "w's". I picked up the plastic bulbs because I wanted to alter them. I couldn't pass up the color your own stickers, especially when all The Paper Studio items were 50% off. The vintage stickers are for a Valentine's swap. I thought I could send the office kit to someone, but I love it too much, I may keep it for myself. The cupcake stickers are for the sweet treats flip book. The owls are for Valentines. The 6x6 paper pad was in the Valentine's section, which was 30% off, but the cashier gave it to me for 50% off because it's by The Paper Studio. I loved how only a few designs were for solely Valentine's Day. I also loved the shabby chic-ness of it and decided to make a vintagey flip book for one of my swaps.
I got home and realized I should have picked up double stick tape, so I'll be going back tomorrow, while the Paper Studio stuff is still 50% off to pick up some floral tape for my flip book.
Today, I had a few swaps to mail, saw this stamp at the post office
I'm kinda confused as to why she has what looks like Thor's hammer. I feel she should have her lasso. Oh well, it's cool to see.
I'm also heading over to Walmart and Dollar Tree tomorrow. After that I'm done shopping for Valentine's Day.
I was supposed to work at one of my jobs tomorrow, but I really needed a day off before Sunday, I could tell in how stressed/tired I was, so I put in to get the day off. I'm spending the weekend on me and things I need to do. I hope to be recharged by Monday when I have to go back to work.

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