Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Hi All, here's what I received for Christmas. My friend gave me a bag full of goodies on Christmas Eve and I couldn't wait until Christmas to open it, so I opened it that day:
 Here's what was inside:
 chocorooms, lychee candy, sandwich cookies, a robot, toy from Zootopia.
The weather has been mild, this is what our Christmas looked like:
 We actually had a rainstorm, complete with thunder and lightning, a big change from regular Iowa weather.
Here's what I got for Christmas:
 My brother got me two mugs, one is of banned books, when you put hot liquid in it, the crossed out titles appear, the other looks like a library check-out card. He also picked up Hunger Games: Mockingjay part II. My parents bought everything else in the picture. Ames is home to Iowa State University, and I have a collection of ISU snowmen. The rectangle on the bottom is actually a print of a paper cutting celebrating Ames' 150th anniversary from a couple years ago.
More presents:
 A couple pairs of black pants, fleece leggings, socks, printer ink, charging station.
Today, I went after Christmas shopping. I haven't been shopping in a month, I was really proud of myself, so a friend and I went to check out the after Christmas sales. I was surprised how picked over everything was. I feel the stores are speeding up the time lines.
Dollar Tree:
 stickers, measuring cup, tape, hooks
I picked up some emoji stickers, some of those vintage looking stickers and some alpha stickers. I misplaced my liquid measuring cup during the move. I saw this duct tape on The Messy Mom's life, it looks like someone was doodling on their notebook paper. My landlord would prefer I use these hooks instead of putting holes in my wall. I found some of the washi tape, my store rarely has it. There were other patterns, too, but I didn't think I'd use them.
 beef stick, chocolate, gummies
The beef stick was on clearance. Candy is only 30% off at Target, so I didn't save a ton of money, but I didn't get any chocolate for Christmas, so I bought my own, plus I got a few Target gift cards, so I didn't really spend any money.
More Target:
 stickers, sticky notes, stamps, tape, ornaments, toothbrush heads.
My dollar spot had Valentine's out, so I picked up the emoji stickers, the sticky notes, the cactus sticky notes, the alpha stamps, the felt stickers, and the rolls of washi. I love emojis, there were quite a few sets of the sticky notes, but I really liked the SuperHero girls one. I'd also seen someone haul the cactus sticky notes, and you get 100 for $1, so why not. I never seem to have enough alpha stickers so I thought picking up these stamps might help me with that issue, I haven't looked at them so I don't know about the quality of them. I love these felt stickers they are of sweet treats. I saw the holographic tape set, it was $1, and the other one is emojis on red background. I wanted the pizza ornament when it first came out, but didn't feel like paying $3, I got it for 50% off. I also loved the Raphael ornament, he's my favorite Turtle. The most expensive thing I bought today was the replacement toothbrush heads. I also needed razor blades, but they are wicked expensive. Why do these things have to cost so much?
The tape, ornament, chocolate, tags and wreath hanger were on sale. More alphas, Home Alone, packing tape, ornament, chocolate, tags, wreath hanger, coasters.
I already had Home Alone 2, but not the first one. I always need more packing tape. I picked up the ornament and tags for my brother. When I buy after Christmas stuff, I just pack it up with my winter decorations so I don't lose it during the year. The chocolate was 50 cents, plus it was cute. Since my landlord doesn't want me to put holes in my walls, I thought I'd pick up the wreath hanger to hang things on my door. I picked up these coasters for my co-worker.

I really wanted to go to Hobby Lobby, too, but I don't need anything at Hobby Lobby (not that I really needed the other stuff either), but I want to see what's left, I really want to check out the clearance section.

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