Thursday, July 14, 2016

Walmart, TJ Maxx, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby haul

I went to the mall on Monday because I needed some black dress pants for work. While I was up there, I visited a different Walmart just to see if they had anything fun on clearance. I also visited TJ Maxx because I had seen someone haul some cute journals from there.
Here's what I found at Walmart:
 a pencil pouch, metal embellishments, buttons.
I picked up the pencil pouch to fill for a swap, I decided if I found one for less than $1 I'd get one. Why spend more when there were some cute pencil boxes at the Dollar Tree. I found these metal "Smile" embellishments, I also found these cute flower buttons. I talked myself out of a lot. I didn't realize that Walmart had a separate scrapbooking/crafty section than their office supplies. I also found duct tape washi with owls. I found some cute feather, bowtie and donut washi. I also bought a pair of shorts, but no one wants to see those.
Next up, I went to JCPenney's for dress pants, but I just didn't like how they fit. I guess a trip to Goodwill is in the future.
I also went to Claire's I've been wanting to buy cute stuff there. They do have cute stuff, but not at prices I wanted to spend. They had this sign out front saying all their clearance was $2, I didn't find any clearance that was $2. They were also having a Buy 3 get 3 free, but everything I wanted was more than I wanted to spend.
Last up was TJ Maxx, I was pleased with what I found there:
Strawberry macaroons, pistachio macaroons, a notepad, adhesive runners, smiley face guy.
I found that smiley faced guy first, I was turning and found him in the dog toys aisle, he's got squeakers in him. I don't have a dog, but he should hold up pretty well if he's made for a dog. I've been craving macaroons lately, but I can't find them anywhere. There used to be a person who'd make different flavors for the local farmer's market, they were soo good. Sadly, that was a couple years ago, and I haven't seen her lately. These were not that good, see below. I picked up the notepad with an idea, but I don't know if that idea will come through. I also found these adhesive runners. I'm always in need of tape, I guess I'll see how well they work.
I actually stopped at Jimmie Johns for lunch, cause it was there. When I got home, I went to the grocery store for milk, I've been craving gummies lately, so I picked these up as well.
 Here's one of the macaroons:
 all the fresh macaroons I've had the top and bottom are meringues, they basically melt in your mouth. These are more like cookies, I think that's to make them shelf stable. I wasn't pleased with these.
Tuesday, I went back to Dollar Tree (cause I felt bad that I didn't visit the sticker aisle on Friday).
 I spent too much on food. crackers, lifesavers gummies, pepperoni sticks, lifesavers gummies, moose tracks, the good stuff gummies, dippers.
Like I said, I've been craving gummies. Dollar Tree usually has some good gummies, I haven't been finding them lately. I picked up the crackers because they looked good (I was hungry). The pepperoni sticks were a bit spicy, I wasn't pleased with those, but I ate them because I was hungry. I loved the Moose Tracks, I wish the bag was bigger. I love these little dipper things, they are usually too expensive at the grocery store.
 I found some really cute gift boxes. I had seen some Paris themed ones on someone's channel, I found those, but this butterfly box was bigger. The owl's head bends back to open. I love these pencils, I keep seeing them (and their still there when I go back), they are TY beanie baby pencils, each pencil has a different beanie baby. I didn't realize I picked up some sea animal squirters when I was in Mason City a few weeks ago, I picked this one up because of the pink jellyfish? I don't know what it is, it has a weird sucker nose. I found the foil tape, I hope I like it more than the glitter tape. I didn't like how you basically breathed and got glitter everywhere. I also picked up a couple sheets of googly eyed creatures. When I got home, I realized I was only charged for one, and then I forgot to put them in the picture.
I also went back to Hobby Lobby, I found out last week they had clearance in with their regular stuff, not just in the clearance aisle. I also wanted a flower punch, and they had those 40% off.
bookworm cross stitch, buttons, flower punch, birdhouse charm, skull and crossbones charm, wooden crowns, owl buttons, gemstone glasses, smart girl charm.
The bookworm cross stitch was there on Friday, he's actually a bookmark when you're done. The buttons were 50% off, these were in the sewing department, I usually don't go over there, but I saw the 50% off sign and was curious what it was for. I got the flower punch, but it's the wrong size. I have a 1" circle punch I bought for handmade embellishments and I've been having so much fun making them. I thought I'd cut out some flowers, apparently I'm not very good at freehanding flowers. So, I thought I'd get a punch, they didn't have measurements on them, I had thought this one was 1", I believe it's actually 1/2" or smaller. I figure I'll just have to layer, I'll make it work. When I got home, I saw the cashier gave me 50% off instead of 40%. I wandered over to the charms and found a lot of clearance over there, plus a separate little clearance section, the round pink charm says smart girls rock, the square one says evil genius. I didn't realize there were wood pieces in the jewelry section, I wish I knew before. The gemstones by Paper Studio were 50% off, I picked up these cute glasses.
I talked myself out of a lot here, I put back a bunch of cute clearance things, and some charms. I talked myself out of some paper packs. I'm failing at being good, but I do great filling up my basket and then putting half of it back.

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