Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2017 calendar haul

I was so excited I hadn't spent money on crafting stuff for a week, so what did I do to celebrate? I went shopping. I'm pretty sure that's not how it's supposed to go. And I shouldn't have done it today, we're in an excessive heat warning until Saturday at 7pm. It's 92 degrees outside right now, the heat index is 109 degrees.  I only walked home, so it wasn't that bad, at least until I got about a block from home and the sweat ran into my eye and I couldn't see. *grumpy face*
Anywho, here's my haul, first up Target. I really just went because Halie Hostler had picked up these really cute erasers. I found them and some other things:
 pencils, binder clips, minion keychain, printer ink, erasers, pens, stamps.
I love these binder clips, they have monster faces and googly eye stickers, there was a deal to buy one yoobi item at full price and get the other at 50% off, the erasers are also yoobi, so I got them both. The erasers have an elephant, unicorn, penguin, pineapple, panda and cupcake. I not a huge fan of the pineapple and elephant.
The pencils are from the dollar spot, they have really cute sayings on them: notes, thoughts, don't forget, scribbles, to do later, and curiosities. I couldn't pass them up, I did put back the binder clips and a note pad. I couldn't pass up the minion key chain. The metallic gel pens were also on clearance. I don't usually use colored gel pens, but I have noticed my colored fine line felt tip pens are going dry or just running out of ink. What I use them for, I can't use ballpoint pens, so I guess these will work.
Next up was Dollar Tree, I went there to get an owl box for K is for Karen, like the one in this post, but of course they didn't have any. I found a couple other things for her though.
 pens, pencil pouch, hello notebook, shopkins playing cards, owl notebook.
I'm loving the gel pens from Dollar Tree. I love using gel pens, I feel every time I go in there, I get a pack of gel pens, can't have too many of those. I picked up the pencil pouch set and the journal for future swaps. I've been wanting to get in the Shopkins craze, but I didn't want to spend the money for them. I opened this pack of jumbo playing cards and loved that you got a Shopkins for each of the cards, $1 for 13 different Shopkins, 4 of each, yes please.
 coloring books, wall stickers.
I picked up the coloring books for future swaps. I saw some a few weeks ago, but I don't do the whole coloring things. I joined a group on FB where you send fun packages to a secret person every month, I thought these would work great for that. I bought the wall stickers for my new apartment, I may or may not use them.
The Dollar Tree has 2017 planners and calendars people. And they are in cute patterns, you should go get some before they are all gone. They also have the tiny 2017-2018 planners. Sadly, those are too small for what I need. I picked up others though:
 three wall calendars, two list pad calendars and a little pocket one.
Close-ups on designs of the wall calendars below. I picked up the two list ones for swaps, I may keep them, I don't know. The pocket one is for my bag.
 This the Follow your Dreams one. I loved all the quotes and pictures. I usually wait until people donate calendars to the library and get them for free, but sometimes they are not the coolest designs, plus these were only $1 (the problem I have every time I go to Dollar Tree)
This is the Lisa Frank one. I love that her stuff is coming back. Remember that FB group I mentioned above? I received my July package the other day, it was mostly Lisa Frankish stuff. Here's the pic:
Obviously there are some minions in there as well. But, there is a Lisa Frank sticker book, there's the rainbow dot stickers, rainbow heart stickers, rainbow stickers, the flower stickers and a rainbow roll of deco tape. Very centered around Lisa Frank, also the other day I picked up a Lisa Frank notebook (I didn't realize it was Lisa Frank til I got home and looked at it a little closer), and I found a Lisa Frank coloring book I was going to donate to Goodwill. Now I feel I should do a Lisa Frank inspired flip book.
I might not go garage saleing this weekend. I have Friday off because I'm working Saturday. Friday's high is only 92, I don't know. I really need to finish up packing. I have to move a week from Friday. It's kinda depressing when I say it out loud.

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