Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My mother said I was in charge of Mother's Day this year. Usually we drive up to see her side of the family, but that's not going to happen this year, anyone have any ideas for me? I thought we might go to some local gardens, and maybe have a picnic somewhere, but that's all I've got. I also bought her this really cool Vogue Sewing Book, it was published in 1975 and it's got some really cool stuff in it. I think I need something more for her present, but I don't know what.
I just realized (ok, I've known it for awhile, but it hit me a little harder) that I don't have a life outside of work. I think that would be OK if I worked all the time, but I don't my average week is 18 hours. I can live on it, but that gives me a lot of free time where I'm doing pretty much nothing. I have 2 regular days off during the week soon, and I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself.
Now that it's warm again, our ground bees have ret'd. I've decided they're not very smart. For the past 3 or so years we've had them and every year we have someone come and spray them so they go away, and then they come back, spreading further every year. Anyone know how to get rid of them for good?
Speaking of bugs, I found a wasp in my bedroom this morning. I was not pleased. I used to fine a few wasps next to my bedroom windows every year. Then I got central air, with the ducts in the attic, and we found a wasp nest up there. We got rid of it, and thought that solved the problem. Last year, I collected 2 hornets and 4 wasps. I'm getting really sick of finding them. I think there's a new nest up there, but I am not climbing up to find out.
I host an ATC group on Yahoo. It used to be so fun. Lately, not so much. Last year, I was going to take a month off, but then no one said they wanted to swap, so I pretty much took off the whole year. I started up again last fall, with a very small percentage of our regular numbers. Then people started not sending me enough postage, so I started paying out of my own pocket, then we lost one of the regular players (oweing me money too). February, we got a new member, but I didn't get the cards until the very last day (our swaps are monthly, I send out a packet of stuff, people make cards and are supposed to have the cards to me by the end of the month. They're also supposed to send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with enough postage to get their return cards and next month's packet back to them), and even one the first day of March. This is with 2 people plus me playing. And then I said I needed a month off due to being uninspired. One of my regulars complained, saying it sounded like the players made me uninspired, not that it could have been stuff in my life. But, I put a lot of time into gathering the packets together (every month we have a theme, and I put together a packet with items that go with that theme), and when people don't get things back to me on time, and don't even tell me if their mailed. It makes it a little annoying. Today is the last month of April, I still haven't received any cards. I'm thinking of just giving up. I had two more people join, but I haven't heard much from them, haven't gotten any interest in anyone to play in May. I don't know what to do. I do know that the stress from this group isn't helping me at all, and it might be better to just give up. I don't need extra stress in my life.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

No Garage Sale Finds

Strike out at garage sales this weekend. I do have one picture for you though.
I had a neighborhood I wanted to hit yesterday, but I talked myself out of it. It was a pretty far walk, and I think most of the reason I was excited to go to it was that it was the first sale I had seen listed. I got home from work yesterday and pretty much lounged around for the rest of the day. I remember having a short nap in the afternoon, and then falling asleep around 8 or so, and sleeping for an hour. I was just so drained, I have no idea why.
Today, I had 3 sales I wanted to hit, one started early, one listed art supplies in their ad, and the last listed flowers. The first one, I couldn't find, I walked by where I thought it should be, didn't even see the address. The second one was just sad, no one greeted me, and the 'art supplies' were a basket full of spray paint. The third one, I realized I had been to last year, and it was just as exciting. I didn't find any flowers. I was hoping to find some nice flowers to give to my mother, she is getting over something from a few weeks back.
My plan for the afternoon was to go down to Target and Walmart. As I was on my way down there, I saw a sign for the first sale, saying it was in the alley. If it was, they didn't even have signs at the end of the alley to tell you, I didn't go back to find out.
I found a few things to buy at Target, some tights and the deoderant I went for. A month or so ago, I had been there and had seen The Hunger Games for $10, and I have been kicking myself for not buying it. It was still at that price, so I bought it, plus the 10th Kingdom miniseries for $5, I remember watching it on TV when I was a kid, I hope it's as good as I remember it.
I wandered over to Walmart, it's about a block from Target, I generally go to both of them when I go down there. I've been so bored with my clothing lately, I don't know if it's cause it's warmer weather and I want different clothes or what. I picked up this dress:
and 3 brightly colored T-shirts, as well as a nice purple tank top. I also bought some cute plastic cups (I never have enough cups in the right size) for $.87, I had to get a Brave one, a Finding Nemo one, Cookie Monster, and Hawkeye from The Avengers. I LOVE Jeremy Renner, he's become my new fav guy in movies. I also had to pick up some chocolate. I spent way too much money between the two stores and won't be spending more for awhile.
I was very bummed I didn't find anything to spend my garage sale $$$ on. But I'm glad I didn't buy something just to spend money.
On May 11th, one of the close towns is doing their city wide garage sale. My co-worker and I are planning to go. I've done this the past couple years. The first year, I went with my aunts, and while it was fun, I had even more fun last year. My mom said it was probably because my co-worker and I are closer in age than my aunts are. That Friday and Saturday, one of the sales I go to every year is having theirs as well. I plan to stop by on Friday.
I think it's a little weird that these are happening right before Mother's Day.

My plan for the rest of the day is to eat ice cream and watch movies.

Did you guys find anything good?

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Hello??? Is anyone still there?
Sorry, didn't know it's almost been a month since I posted. Life had been boring, mostly just working. We did have two arrests at the library last week, that was interesting, and our phones went down for a little while today.
I have been so restless reading people's blogs about the great finds they're getting. There are a couple stores I visit during the winter months, but there wasn't much I wanted to spend my money on, especially since I'm so spoiled with garage sale prices. Plus, the big antique mall closed last year, maybe earlier, that one usually tides me over during the winter months.
Tomorrow, I found some to go to, and even more on Saturday. Granted it will probably be in the 30's at around 8AM like it has been the past few mornings, but I am so ready to get out and hunt.
A few things that are on my list this year:
~Interesting fabric, after making my fabric book, I've been itching to make another one.
~Small plates, the ones I've been using are pretty old and I've noticed lately when I put hot things on them, the cracks become visible. I'm kind of afraid they'll splinter apart soon.
~Pyrex mixing bowls. I bought one a few years ago after reading about all the hype and then didn't know why I bought it, but I've found I really like it's size.
~Other Pyrex pieces, I think it'd be cool to collect the baking dishes with motifs on them, plus they'd be good serving dishes, of which I have none.
~Buttons, of course
~Owls, just to add to my collection
~Glass bundt pan, my coworker asked me to look out for one of these a few years ago, I haven't found one yet
~The Feminine Mystique, I was reading the library's copy the other day, and decided I wanted a copy for myself.
And all the other fun stuff I see. I will still be buying baked goods, I will buy any craft stuff I find. I've been trying not to pay full price on craft stuff. I have enough of it as it is, but if I'm getting more I sure don't need to pay full price. On another note, I'm trying to get rid of some of it, I have boxes full listed on my Etsy store.

Hopefully, I'll have some pictures to show Saturday night.