Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pay attention

1. What's the best thing about growing older?
Independence. Getting to do what you want
2. When did you first feel like a grown up?
When I got my first apartment, paid my first bill
3. Chocolate cake with white icing or white cake with chocolate icing?
White cake, but I really don't like frosting that much. The best is red velvet with cream cheese frosting
4. What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
When I learned my best friend had cancer. It was the week of Thanksgiving, and her boyfriend calls me in the middle of the day. I don't remember anything else about the rest of the day. But, on my way home, I stopped and sat down on a lightpole/ I don't remember how long I sat there, but this random person came up and asked if I was ok. That was in college, no one ever asks if I'm ok anymore. But, having that from some random person meant the world to me that night, I remember getting up and going home and my mother giving me a hug, another thing that hasn't happened since.
5. What's something you learned from your grandparents?
Enjoy life. My mother altered a book for my 21st birthday. She had a story about her father, who I had never met. "he would often say to his children, 'Don't put off 'till tomorrow what you can do today.' He didn't always follow his own advice. I remember spending many an afternoon in the hot summer under a large shade tree near our house." I also remember traveling to my grandparent's on my dad's side condo in Okoboji (is anyone sick of hearing about Okoboji, yet? I feel I've mentioned every week), every summer and just lazing around for that last sweet week of summer.
6. Wednesday marks a sad day in the history of planet earth-9/11...what's something you do (or can do) to bring peace to your little corner of the world?
No comment
7. Share a favorite quote, scripture, or song containing the word peace.
Where were you by Alan Jackson, or Heal the World by Michael Jackson, or Love Can Build A Bridge by The Judds or We Shall be Free by Garth Brooks.
This morning when I was writing this out, it has become a fun practice in the mornings, since I'm not near my desktop, I couldn't think of any, now that I'm sitting here, I just keep thinking of more.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I have two thoughts:
First, I was going through my craft closet last week, and decided I'm not allowed to buy ANY more craft supplies, we'll see how long that lasts. Generally, I don't buy supplies for full price, I'll buy them in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby or at garage sales, but I have a lot of stuff, and I don't have as much as some people.
On Friday, I'm hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in about a month, one of stops when we hang out is usally Michael's, so it might not last long.
Now, my second random thought, I was having a not so nice day yesterday before work, and of course I was running late. As I walked out my back door, I saw this guy:

The Hummingbird Moth, I haven't seen one in a great while, and not hanging out in our flowers. I wanted to stop and watch him all day, but I had to get to work. I knew it would be a good day. I'm not big on religion and praying and all, but I know when God put's things in front of my face to see, I better pay attention.

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Joyce said...

I've never heard of a hummingbird moth-cool!