Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Decorations

This is a picture heavy post. I haven't been in the mood to dig out my holiday decorations yet, I keep seeing the Christmas lights and other people's decorations, but I couldn't get myself to do it. Yesterday, I decided it was time. Most of the reason I didn't want to get them out is that I have over 300 snowmen in my collection, and it's a lot to bring out. But, then I got smart, why not just get out my favorites? So, I did:
 This is a button tree I won last year at our Festival of trees, I got a few owl ornaments last year for Christmas, and it has become an owl tree. It actually never gets put away, I love looking at it all year round. I bought the blue and orange owl on the right top at a fundraiser this year, it's actually a coin purse. The owl at the top is actually a cell phone holder. My other new addition this year (as of yesterday), is the blue one on the right side, it actually says "Baby's first Christmas", but it was just too cute to pass up.
 I'm sorry this picture is blurry. If you can see, the tree is one of those porcelain ones with plastic colored lights, that you put a light bulb in. My grandparents had one of these when I was growing up, so when I saw one at a garage sale last year, I had to have it. I never plug it in because I think the bulb is too powerful for it. It's decorated in Merry Moos, they're from a swap I did last year, they measure 2" x 1". The white girl at the bottom is one of the ornaments I received last year in the button floozies swap.
 This is the top of my DVD case, you can still see the painted pumpkin I bought last month, it's so cute, I can't throw it away. There's also a hippo ornament in there that I bought yesterday, too cute.
 This is where my old TV sat, I have a hard time finding tall items to put in it for every season. You can see the tree stump birdhouse guy I bought this summer, I dressed him up with a top hat ornament I found at Walmart yesterday (can you see a little theme, I went Christmas shopping yesterday). I also love the hot air balloon ornament I got in the vintage stocking swap last year. The snowball I bought this year, I was trying not to buy more snowmen, but he's so cute, under his hat is a candle. The cup next to him I got in a trade at an antique store this month.
 This is the top of my DVD case. The little black tree I got a couple years ago at Borders. I love how my snowmen pop against it.
 This is on top of another of my DVD cabinets. The poinsettias are clips I got last year.
 These are on top of my radiator. The nesting dolls my parents gave me a few years. The bird is from my shopping trip yesterday.
 In this picture, is another of my trees, it's actually a part of a tree in our yard that we had to cut out, because it was dead. I stained it and have been using it as decoration for awhile now. Most of these snowmen are kinda heavy. I had to put them here to hold the sewn decorations onto the scarf on the book shelf. To see more of the sewn decorations, go here. There's also a seahorse keychain that I got when we went to Hawaii a few years ago. I love the "world's greatest crafter" ornament hanging next to the seahorse. My best friend from high school gave that to me.
 This is the top of another bookcase. My favorite snowmen here, are the "peppermint" candles. I also couldn't bear to put away the velvet painting in the background.
 This is further down on that bookcase. I love the stocking holders, even though I don't hang stockings on them.
 This is my radiator in the kitchen, my kitchen snowmen stay out all year long. I guess they're my favorite favorites. The one on the left is a singing one, it came with Hallmark cards one year. There's also a cute praying snowman, I got last year. I love the unhappy frog, he was a present from a former employer. There's a couple cookie jars there, I looked in one of them the other day and it had candy I totally forgot about. There's also one in the front that has a beanie on, I always thought of him as an "artist" snowman.
 These are on the top of my refrigerator. They're mostly ISU snowmen. Iowa State University is located here in Ames, IA. The university used to come out with a new snowman every year, and my parents would get them for me, unfortunately they stropped do that. These mostly stay out because it's so much work to get them in and out of their packaging.
 This is in my entryway. I sprinkled some of my smaller snowmen throughout my vehicles. I love sailboats, the one on the right is made out of foreign Coca Cola cans that I found in Washington, D.C. one year. There's also the USMC's 250th anniversary commemorative silver dollar, I'm very proud of that. On the left, you can see the glass bottle I altered.
 Here's the top of the cabinet, with more snowmen around my vehicles. The fighter jet on the right is also made of foreign Coca Cola cans, I found it in New Orleans. The Mustang, is my favorite version of that car.
 Here are the stockings I made this year, they started out for a swap, and then for some reason, I didn't want to use them, and my partner decided she wanted a more traditional stocking. To read more about them, go here.
 This is also in my entryway, on the other side of the above doorway. The letters spell out collector, with snowmen being the "O's". On the left side are a dress form ornament that I got in last year's button floozie swap, and a tag.
These are mostly this year's button floozie swap, the stocking is from last year. I'm still waiting on one more from this year.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hello All,
How have you been?
Last week, we started moving the library, and we now have the whole collection at our temporary location. We had to be out of the old location by 11/29, so this is wonderful. It's been so much fun. Unfortunately, now that we have the whole collection moved, it's back to normal tasks, and I won't be using my muscles again.
Starting on Tuesday, I've had some kind of bug/cold. I was so tired while I was working on Tuesday. Yesterday, I called in sick after walking four blocks and feeling like I could pass out. Today, I still feel like crap, just not as much. Hopefully, I will be back to a condition where I can work on Sat when I'm scheduled next.
I'm still waiting on swaps that were due awhile ago, and I signed up for 3 more. I'm so excited, one is Little Pink Studio's Vintage Stocking Swap. We have to make/decorate a stocking for our partner and stuff if full of goodies for them. I participated in this one last year and had tons of fun with it. Another is a holiday goodies swap through one of my Yahoo! groups, we're filling the tiny Priority mail box with gently used supplies and sending it to a partner. I love these kind of swaps, it's always fun to get supplies. My last one is an Ornament swap, where we send each other ornaments, I participated in this one last year too. Unfortunately last year I forgot about it until my partner emailed me, not this year, I'm on top of it.
Hope you all are having a great day and....

Thursday, November 08, 2012

New purchases

A couple weeks ago, I picked up these gorgeous roses at Walmart. I just had to throw them out this week. I forgot how nice it is to have live flowers in my home.
 Yesterday, I trekked downtown to check out what people were putting up for Christmas. One of my favorite spots is Anything But New, they're a small antique store. I took in some vintage Christmas ornaments I had and traded them for the elephant bank and the snowman cup you see below. Another stop was our local flower shop that always has such great items. I bought the owl pick for me and the needlefelted snowman for my mother.
 Last night was a fundraiser at one of the local stores. Twenty percent of the proceeds went to Project Smyles at the library, I spent way too much money. I picked up the reindeer for my brother, he collects them, and every year it's getting harder and harder to find good ones. The owls are for me.
 I couldn't pass up these cute paper pieced cards either.

Cerri at Little Pink Studio is having her Vintage Stocking Swap again this year. I'm a little divided on whether or not I want to join. I loved doing it last year, but right now it seems people are having a hard time getting things to me on time. I have a swap that's due in partners hands this Sat, I haven't received anything yet, I have one that was due in hostesses hands last Sat, haven't received that back, I have the one that was lost in the mail, and I'm still waiting on the 2nd box. I'm just getting sick of receiving nothing or junk in the mail lately.
I know I'm also stressed about the upcoming move at the library, I'm excited but also stressed. And of course it's getting into the holiday season, which even though I'm usually done with things early, I still stress.
Speaking of holidays, I'm done Christmas shopping for my brother and mother, and wrapped all their presents last night. After spending a lot for presents last night, I decided not to spend so much and stop at less presents.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

odds and ends

So much has been happening since I last posted. Let's start with a picture:
I signed up for the Fall Favorites Swap on Nicole's blog, the above is what I sent my partner. There's a sparkly brown leaf, a teddy bear magnet, a wallhanging of pumpkings and acorns, a teddy bear wearing a pumpking shirt, glow in the dark skeleton socks, pumpkin spice Hershey's kisses, an owl on a jack-o-lantern figuring and a couple maple leaf pins. My favorites being changing leaves, Halloween costumes, pumpkins, owls (I know these are all year, but in decorating they come out more in fall), and pumpkin pie (also a Thanksgiving thing, but after Halloween, these Hershey's kisses aren't around anymore).
I mailed this out early October, her first package to me got lost in the mail and I'm still waiting on the second one.

The big thing I've been worrying about lately is the upcoming move at the library. We have our location pinned down, we'll be getting the whole collection in the space and most everything we feel we'll need. Our maintenance person already has people over there getting it ready for us to move in. We're working on getting all the stuff we don't need for two years moved out and into storage. We stopped taking requests on items to focus all our energies on the move. We will start moving on the 16th. Now that it's November, I realize how close it is. I'm trying not to think about it when I'm at home, because it seems we still have SOO much to do before then, but it's still kinda freaking me out.

I stopped going to garage sales, I haven't even looked at the ads since probably early October. I just don't feel like spending my money right now, and I have more than enough stuff in my apartment. I actuallly realized how little money I have in my bank account at the beginning of the month, so I really don't want to spend money. I will have to go to the grocery store soon for food.
I joined a Christmas ornament swap on the Button Floozies blog. I'm almost done with my ornaments, I love them. I will post them on my craft blog once I know my partners have received them. We were supposed to make 5, 4 to send out and one to keep, but I had enough material to make 6, so I have an extra I'm not sure what I'm going to do with.