Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween


So, I'm hating blog with embedded comments. You know those ones that when you click on the post, or post a comment, it goes to a page with the post and then the box for the comments at the end. For some reason, when I go to post a comment, after I type in my comment, I've had to copy my comment, because when I click on Google Account, it goes to a page saying my current account is not authorized to view this page, click here to log into another account. So, I log back in with my google account, and then I see my comment with my avatar picture and the word verification. After typing the word verification, and pushing publish I go back to the page about not being authorized to view that page. I log in again with my google account, and finally my comment is published.

Is anyone else having this trouble, and would anyone know how to fix it? It's becoming annoying, and I want to leave comments a little more quicker. Now, I'm not having any problems with the blogs that when you click to post a comment, it takes you to a full page of comments, or the little pop up page.

Any help would be great.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What I'm Reading

Awhile ago, Bargain Hunter asked what we were reading, and I have meant to do this post ever since.
Here are a few books I've found particularly interesting lately:
Rediscovered Treasures: A New Life for Old Objects by Ellen Dyrop. This book has some great ideas on how to use all that stuff you find at garage sales and antique malls. I find it really cool, because sometimes I don't just want to display my finds, but I'd like to use them for things.

I liked this idea of using an embroidered tablecloth to make a change purse. There's also instructions for some of their ideas in the back. I used a vintage scarf to make some pennants for a swap, if you'd like to see them, go here. Everything I used in making them is vintage.

Another cool book I've found is Beautiful Button Jewelry by Susan Davis. She shows you how to use vintage buttons to make jewelry. She also gives a little bit of history on groups of buttons.

My favorite buttons in the book are the Antique Porcelain and China Buttons. I actually found a button I have on one of the pages in this section.

As I'm trying to branch out and bake more, this book has been wonderful. It's the Bake Sale Cookbook by Sandra Lee. What I love about this book is she tells you to start with a box/bag mix you find at the store and then go from there. I really don't like to make everything from scratch, and it saves time.

One of my favorite recipes was the Pecan-Coconut Cookie Cups, even though I didn't actually follow a lot of the recipe for this one. Mine still came out great.

And this last book keeps my criminal justice background interested. It's The Boy in the Box: The Case of America's Unknown Child by David Stout. I only started reading it yesterday, but it totally pulled me in and I'm interested in reading the rest of it.

Since I work at the library, that's where I got all these, but I've made the titles of the books links to Amazon if you're interested in purchasing any of them. The Bake Sale Cookbook is at the top of my Christmas list this year.

On another note, as the holidays are approaching, I really want to do a gift swap. I started doing some Christmas gift swaps last year, and I really want to do more this year, or even making something for someone. Anyone have any ideas of where I can find these kind of swaps? I am following Swapbot, and all the blogs where I found the swaps last year. I may be a little bit early on these, but I love seeing how other people interpret my interests, and when is it not fun to send something to someone else?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great finds

I didn't find any garage sales in my area this week, but I did find a rummage sale and 3 craft sales. Here's what I got: a purple square vase, a cute top, and a math workbook. The spiky things I bought at a local store, they had them listed as goblin eggs, I really don't know what they are.
Apple zuchini bread, puppy chow and a ceramic bird.

More puppy chow, seasoned crackers and some dutch letters

Hearty Lasagna soup mix, a cute pumpkin cup with sunflowers, santa brush, snowman bell, and an angel

Jumbo fun activity book and 4 Christmas rubber ducks

3 yorkie charms, a frog charm, and a die charm. The rest of these items were in a free grab bag

I also bought some dinner rolls, dried papaya, and dried mango, but blogger deleted my picture.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm A Winner

I entered a giveaway on Brynwood Needleworks last week, and I won this gorgeous tote bag. It's actually bigger than I thought it would be. It measures about 12" square with an additional inch for the top border.
I also got all this fun stuff in my package, a picture of her dog Tag, a planner for 2012/2013, a pink bracelet for breast cancer, and a tiny bag of candy corn. It was wrapped in the green tissue paper with the creamish seam binding.

I don't have any pictures of the cute bundle it was when wrapped. I had just come home from garage saleing this morning, and saw the bundle poking out of my mailbox, so I sat down on the porch and opened it.

Thank you so much Donna, I can't wait to use it.

Check out Donna's blog, she has all of her adventures with her dogs, and her great quilting work on it.

This week's Finds

Not too many sales this week, I think they're finally winding down. I went to 3 planned sales and 2 not planned and bought at only 3 sales.
This one had antiques, salvage, and jewelry in their ad.
I found a cute pig bib, a pineapple crocheted doily, and the cute rectangle piece.

I also found two pins, and a necklace.

These were from a sale that benefit a girls' scholarship fund. I couldn't resist the Care Bear, the figure at the bottom says Turtle Tots Tutu, anyone know anything about these?

I also found the 2 candles and the bouquet of roses pin at that sale. The two stick pins and bag of buttons were from another sale.

I ended up spending under $15 this weekend.

What exciting finds did you all get this weekend?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Time to get things done

I finally decided I needed to stop procrastinating and finish some things up. These are in no particular order:
I need to mail the fairy card along with a couple other items to a friend for a long overdue thank you for hosting a swap.

I need to finish these cards and put together Fall packets for this month's swap.

I need to finish these and get them mailed off.

I need to mail this off with a card for my partner.

I also need to make a birthday gift for a friend who's birthday is today, and a card.

I need to make a card for my grandma, her birthday is next Sat, she'll be 95.

I need to get started on my moos for a swap.

I need to get started on my fall cards for a swap.

I need to get a piece framed for my mother for Christmas.

OK, a few of those can wait a bit, what I really need to do right now, is get dressed, eat lunch and get ready for work. I'm supposed to be there in less than an hour.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Adrenaline Rush

I got to work a concert tonight, and I have forgotton how much I LOVE to work concerts. This was a rap concert.
It was totally busy for the first 30 minutes. After we got the giant rush in, I was left to help out at that door. I got to bar a patron for coming in because he was soo drunk. I heard he had to be dragged out because he had passed out by the time the cops took him out. We had to fill out an incident report and everything, I sure don't want to do that again.
My hands were shaking after that with the adrenaline rush. The rest of the night was pretty slow. I did get to see a ton of chicks in mini dresses/skirts that I did not want to see bend over.

Monday, October 03, 2011

New stuff

I don't have any new pictures, because I didn't go garage saleing this weekend, but these pictures are some interesting things I bought on Etsy this weekend. I do have other things to share with you, so please enjoy the pictures as well.
I don't have anything exciting/interesting going on in my life, I've actually noticed I'm more tired and irritable lately, I don't know exactly why. I have been working more at work, more than 20 hours, sometimes close to 30, which I know is not a ton, but more than I'm used to working constantly.
A very cool heart necklace

The assistant director at the library told me the other day, that she can see me making a career at the library. She says she doesn't say this very often, so it means a ton, and it's totally helping me when I have troubles with my lead workers.
This is the first time I've told anyone, since talking to her last Tuesday. I feel I really can't tell my co-workers, as I felt they might not be too happy hearing about it. I'm not really interested in telling my parents, because they will push me to have more hours (even though I'm past the limit right now), and berate me about other stuff.

Cute peacock earrings.

Like I said I've been more irritable and crankly lately. When I've been buying stuff it's totally been for me. I like that I'm not really spending money on someone else (meaning I like not having a boyfriend and spending money on him). The past few purchases I've made, I smile every time I look at them, and that makes a huge difference. I've been buying junky food for me, maybe not the best choice, but I enjoy and I think that matters a ton.

A cute blue necklace.

I'm dressing up for Halloween, and have bought myself a cute costume. I'm actually working on Halloween, so I figured, why not. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, so I'm really giddy about that. Plus, most of the Monday night crew at the library is going to dress up, so I think it will be really cool.

And an alien pocketwatch.

I honestly keep wishing/hoping that something exciting comes along, or happens to me. But, since I don't know exactly what that means, I think I'll be waiting awhile.

I've been chatting to a few guys online through the OKCupid website. I find one of them particularly weird/strange. We were chatting on Yahoo messenger, and then through the emails on the site, and he gives me his phone number and then pretty much ignores me. I find it kinda ironic because he was telling me how my ex was a dick, and then he pretty much says, 'Unless you call/text me, I'm not gonna chat with you anymore.' Now who's being a dick? I'm not ready to give out my phone number to anyone, and I'm certainly not going to give it to someone being an ass.

I went to my cousin's baby shower yesterday. It was fun to listen to the stories from my other cousins and aunts about babies and them growing up, but I'm not at all interested in having one. I thought it was particularly amusing, how bored my mother was when we were chatting.

That's all that's been happening lately. If I'm not working, I'm either relaxing (off my feet), or working on my art projects with upcoming deadlines. Check out my post about them here. I am a little bummed today, because I heard I didn't win a giveaway, that I really wanted, but I'm used to that, I rarely win anything.

What's been going on in your lives?