Monday, October 31, 2011


So, I'm hating blog with embedded comments. You know those ones that when you click on the post, or post a comment, it goes to a page with the post and then the box for the comments at the end. For some reason, when I go to post a comment, after I type in my comment, I've had to copy my comment, because when I click on Google Account, it goes to a page saying my current account is not authorized to view this page, click here to log into another account. So, I log back in with my google account, and then I see my comment with my avatar picture and the word verification. After typing the word verification, and pushing publish I go back to the page about not being authorized to view that page. I log in again with my google account, and finally my comment is published.

Is anyone else having this trouble, and would anyone know how to fix it? It's becoming annoying, and I want to leave comments a little more quicker. Now, I'm not having any problems with the blogs that when you click to post a comment, it takes you to a full page of comments, or the little pop up page.

Any help would be great.

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Linda K said...

Hey new follower! This worked for me:

Internet Explorer 7 on Windows
Click the "Tools" menu
Click "Internet Options"
Select the "Privacy" tab

Option 1: To enable third-party cookies for all sites
Click "Advanced"
Select "Override automatic cookie handling"
Select the "Accept" button under "Third-party Cookies" and click "OK"

Let mer know if this helps!