Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great finds

I didn't find any garage sales in my area this week, but I did find a rummage sale and 3 craft sales. Here's what I got: a purple square vase, a cute top, and a math workbook. The spiky things I bought at a local store, they had them listed as goblin eggs, I really don't know what they are.
Apple zuchini bread, puppy chow and a ceramic bird.

More puppy chow, seasoned crackers and some dutch letters

Hearty Lasagna soup mix, a cute pumpkin cup with sunflowers, santa brush, snowman bell, and an angel

Jumbo fun activity book and 4 Christmas rubber ducks

3 yorkie charms, a frog charm, and a die charm. The rest of these items were in a free grab bag

I also bought some dinner rolls, dried papaya, and dried mango, but blogger deleted my picture.

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