Sunday, December 20, 2009


It hasn't been a fun week, well, except Sunday, Sunday was fun.
Sunday was my mother's family Christmas, and that was fun, with the food, the family, and the activities.

Monday I check my voicemail after work and find out my dad's in the hospital with kidney stones, and of course it's crappy weather outside.
Tuesday it's still really cold out and decides to snow while I'm at work, not a lot of snow, but with it being so cold I wasn't going out to shovel.
Wednesday, my dad has surgery to remove kidney stones.
Thursday I got to scrape the 1+ inches of packed snow off the driveway for 2 hours, that wasn't fun.
Friday, I don't really remember Friday except that the store had a really good day.
Saturday I was woken up early with abdominal pains, so painful I couldn't go to work and had to try and find a sub, but it being the Sat before Christmas, everyone who wasn't already working was busy. So, today I get to see what that does to me. I had pretty severe abdominal pains until about 3:30 pm, they'd come for a few minutes and be so painful, I'd double over and then they'd go away. Since kidney stones were on all our minds I was drinking lots of water and peeing a lot. Around 3:30, dad and I went grocery shopping because I needed food, and the pain was not going to get in the way of that. Then mom and I went to the mall to find a present for dad. I didn't really have any pain until maybe after 6pm, but it was very tiny, and I try not to make my parents worry, so I didn't mention it.
Had a few small pains for the rest of the night and then went to bed. Woke up at 2AM with a severe pain, went the bathroom and did some not so nice stuff, went back to bed at 2:30 and haven't been in pain since, though I did do some more not so nice stuff in the bathroom this morning.
I'm thinking it was food poisoning, because I had a frozen dinner of salmon on Fri before heading to work, and the salmon didn't cook all the way through, but I was impatient and ate it anyway. I was thinking it was kidney problems before this morning. Personally, I have no idea, but I have decided I will be going to work today. I missed out on 4.5 hrs pay yesterday and had no one to fill in for me, that's not happening today.

Hopefully, this next week will be tons better. It's gonna be Christmas, it has to be better.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

We're shovelin' shovelin' shovelin' all day long

Ya know, I used to love snow as a kid, but now that I have to shovel it, it's not nearly as much fun, not even today where pretty much all the city is getting a snow day. Of course, the reason they're getting that snow day is the blowing snow, the fact that it's +8 (without windchill) and the fact that we got somewhere around 11 inches of snow. That, is not fun conditions to be digging out of the 11 inches of snow. It took us (mom, dad, me and Kevin) about 2 hours to get all the sidewalks shoveled, the porch cleared off and the driveway cleared off. Kevin was using the snowblower on the driveway while dad and I shoveled the sidewalks. Right about when we were done with city sidewalks and going up to clear off the porch mom came out and said she would do the porch. After dad and I did all the heavy lifting, but of course that's what mom does.
Afterwards, Kevin and I went out to look for some food. We found that the bank, Fareway, McDonald's, Walmart, the Chinese Buffet, HyVee and Village Inn were open. Everything else we passed was closed. We didn't go to the west part of town, so I don't know what was open over there. It was so weird to be driving around in the middle of the day and there were at most 20 cars on the roads, though there were quite a few people out walking around, mostly college students.
Tonight the low is -14 and tomorrow the high is 10. I hate winter in Iowa, but like someone told me yesterday, you deal with it or move. I choose to deal and complain when we get stuff like this.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hello Winter

It is officially winter, not technically, but I think it is. We had our first snow (OK, not first, but first that stayed on the ground), and temperatures below freezing, and (I heard) plenty of accidents from the snow.
I also just finished shoveling (more like moving) the snow off the driveway.
I was thinking as I finished shoveling, I like this weather. OK, not the snow turning to slush and then ice on the streets, but the temperatures in between 21 and 34 degrees F, when it's calm outside, its beautiful. Don't let anyone know, but I love how I get all hot and sweaty shoveling, and then I'm not cold when I get done.