Monday, June 29, 2009

You're busted

It doesn't feel like Monday, and it wasn't a very nice weekend. I had a friend's (Amanda's) baby shower to go to on Sunday, so Saturday I made a survival kit for new mom's and a card. Check them out here. That took pretty much all day on Saturday. Sunday I woke up to go out and mow the lawn, took my pig out to enjoy the weather while I ate my lunch. After that, I took a shower and spent way too much time figuring out what to wear. I decided on a cute little skirt Kevin bought me a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I opted to not wear anything under the skirt, so I felt rather self-conscious and on the way inside for the baby shower, the wind was blowing, so I was having a hard time not flashing anything to anyone.
The baby shower was fun, only I knew Amanda and one other person there and there were at least 15 people there. But, it was fun seeing what other people got her and eating extremely good lemon cake.
The mine decided Kevin had to work yesterday night, so he slept all day yesterday, I got to chat with him for a couple minutes while he was getting ready to go to work, and then he went off to work. Today, I didn't really know what to do. I thought I'd try recreating the "bag" I made for Amanda, but then I ran out of double-stick tape. I was thinking if I made and decorated a whole bunch of them and put them up on my etsy store, maybe they'd sell, we'll see.
Also, Kevin might be working next weekend (that is the 4th of July). I'm really hating his bosses right now. We were planning to go back to his parents house sometime Saturday and stay until Monday afternoon. But, looks like that won't be happening now. I'm really hoping they don't end up working, they already ruined one weekend for me, I don't need 2 crappy weekends in a row.

My birthday's on Thursday, I'll be 26, but I won't be doing anything really fun. My parents and I are going out to supper on Wednesday, since I'm working Thursday night. The plan is to go to The Spice, a Thai food restaurant, for supper and Hickory Park for ice cream. Sunday, mom suggested we do something actually on my birthday, like it really matters, and we might be going to Legend's for lunch. She also wants to do something on the 4th of July. She has been really clingy lately, she wants to spend all this time with me, I don't know why, I'm pretty sure she has some other motive than just hanging out, and I'm pretty sure it's to talk about crap I don't want to talk about. She made such a big deal about doing something on my birthday and about doing something on July 4th. Maybe she can sense I'm rather bummed about Kevin not being able to get together with me, I don't know.

Mentioning Hickory Park reminded me of a guy I had come into the store a couple weeks ago. He said someone told him about a really good BBQ place but he couldn't remember the name. I asked if it was Battle's. He said no, and replied that they had ice cream. I asked if it was Hickory Park, he said, yes it was. Now, if you're from around here, and have gone to Hickory Park, it's not something I would call a BBQ place. It has all different foods from hamburgers to smoked meats to salads and tons of really great ice cream sundaes. It does have BBQ, but it's not a huge thing on their menu. It has five different BBQ things on it's menu (I looked, I don't have it memorized), so it was lucky for the guy that I knew they had BBQ and ice cream.

UGH!! Ok, one more thing, just because it's bothering me as I sit here and type this. If you know me, I can't breathe cigarette smoke. Lucky me, my place of work sits between 2 businesses where the employees smoke, and since you can't smoke inside businesses anymore, they smoke outside, and on a day like today, when it's nice outside and the door is open. I have to shut it. On one side, there is a pizza joint, some of the delivery drivers smoke, they sit on the little railing on the ramp to the place next door to them and smoke away, so I get smoke from the south. On the other side is a check cashing place, and the lady apparently can't leave the premises, so she stands right outside the door and smokes away, so I get smoke from the north. I can't win. If I ever had to use a check cashing place (and I really hope I don't have to, because with what they charge, I would get into so much more debt), I would be so turned off to see this lady standing, basically in the doorway smoking. I'm sure that really keeps the cigarette smoke out of your business too.
I had a guy one time, almost walk into the store with his cigarette in his hand still lit. I gave him one hell of a look. He got the message, apologized and wandered off. I can't stand it when smokers come in, they all have this cloud of smoke hanging around them, and I can smell it no matter where they are in the store. Granted it's not a very big store, but it's not that massively small either, if you're in the back of the store, I shouldn't be able to smell you in the front. That's just nasty. I'm done rambling now. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Your breath is still on my lips

My mom is cleaning all my stuff out of my old room and wants me to put it up here in my apartment, because I clearly have all this room. We're looking at a box of dolls which I decided I didn't need anymore, she informs me that I should keep them even if I think I don't need them anymore. Guess I should go rent a storage space for all the shit you think I should keep that I'm never going to use again. Maybe she's hoping I'll use it for my kids someday, I don't really plan on having kids. Yeah, I had that moment a few months ago when I wanted one, but now that Kevin's brother has one, he doesn't see the need to have any. He had told me once in the beginning of our relationship, that he wanted kids because he didn't think his brother could have any. Now that his brother has a kid, he told me, he figures that if we're meant to have kids somehow it'll happen, even though I'm on birth control. And, even if I ever have kids, I sure don't want to push dolls on my daughter (if I have one), I want my kids to decide what they want, but I sure don't plan on doing anything totally girly or boyish when they're young. Why not, give my old toys/dolls/etc to Goodwill where some other kid can have some enjoyment out of them? Cause you sure don't want to keep them in your house, but yet you think I should keep them when I don't want to.

She had to come up and measure one of my closets to find out if some totes she bought to put my stuff in them would fit. As she's leaving she says I need to devote 2 hrs every day to cleaning/sorting/rearranging. She didn't say it in so many words but it's because she doesn't like the way my apartment looks. Sure, it's messy, but I can find everything I want, I don't have problems with it, what business is it of yours? She's starting to treat me as if I'm a little child again. I have a responsiblity to mow the lawn in the summer (shovel the sidewalks/driveway in the winter), the other day she called me and told me I needed to get my chores done. Chores? Really, is that what you think of them. I'd love for Kevin to hurry up and buy a house, so I can move in with him, sort through all my crap and get rid of what I don't need (without my mom knowing, cause she'll think I need to keep some of it) and get away from her. Just cause I live in your apartment doesn't mean you get to say how it looks. I don't have bugs, I don't have rotting food, the only thing you can't handle is that it's messy. I have no doubt that when I do get my own place, when she comes over, she'll still complain about the way I live.

Friday, June 19, 2009

People amaze me.

I had a couple come into the store yesterday at 8 (when I close), they guy says to the chick they have a couple minutes, though by my clock it was 8. He says he knows exactly what he wants and he'll go get it and come back, apparently he was wrong because he didn't buy anything.
I had a guy come in last Friday, saying he was from some charity, but didn't want any donations. He just wanted to put a candy machine inside the front door, to which I told him, he'd have to come back in the morning and ask my boss. He let out this giant sigh and left in a huff. I told Kevin about it, and he said the guy was probably trying to ambush the lowly workers into saying yes. Then you already committed to having it, and it's your ass if your boss says no, and you have to contact the people to come take it out. That wouldn't happen to me, if I am unsure about anything, I just tell the people to come back when my boss is about. It's not my choice whether or not something gets put in the store.

I saw a guy yesterday riding his motorcycle without a shirt. Now, I know it was hot and very humid, but this guy was old and saggy, no one needs to see that.

I like to watch Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods whenever I go downstairs or get to be at someone's house where there's cable. Today he was eating something totally gross (no surprise there), but I was getting hungry watching him, it's pretty bad when you think something he's eating looks good. I knew it was about time I go get some lunch. In the episode I was watching he couldn't eat something. I've never seen that before, there have been times he's had troubles getting something down, but he actully spit the fruit out he was trying to eat.
I'm actually watching The Dr's on ABC right now, they had a segment about heart attacks in women. They had this one lady on that was saying she was 44, overweight and afraid she was going to have a heart attack and not be around for her children. She had said that watching her elderly overweight mother go downhill healthwise was her rock bottom, and then said how she's a stress eater, eats a lot, doesn't exercise. I said bullshit to her hitting rock bottom, usually when you hit rock bottom, you change something to make yourself better. Then they sent her to a doc who did a bunch of tests and said she was in relatively good health. On the show, after telling her the results of her dr's visit, they asked her if she was going to exercise and start eating right, and she says Absolutely, I called bullshit on that too. How can a dr's visit where you find out you're in good health change your mind set when seeing your mother's health detoriate not change it.

I keep getting calls at about 8PM from an unknown number. I got one Wed night and last night, I wonder if I'll get one tonight. I don't answer unknown numbers, if it's really that important leave a damn message. I hate it when people call me, wait around for 4-6 rings and then don't leave a message. You obviously called me for some reason, it's not like you can't just leave a message. My guess it's nothing really important as it's at 8 at night. If someone has my number, I probably gave it to them, so most likely it's someone I know, and if that's the case, what's so hard with leaving a message? I guess I do put my cell # on job app's, but most job people leave a number, and why would they be calling after 5PM? Course, most of the people that call my home # don't leave a message either. The only messages I get are from politicians or groups about something that politicians are looking at.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Who knew

My feet are soo tired. I walked 2.5 miles Wed and Thurs.
Today I pretty much hung out with my dad all day. We went to a pizza buffet place for lunch, then decided to go to a dinosaur exhibit at some local gardens. We walked around that trying to avoid the kids. It must have been family day or something. I loved how one family felt they needed to take off their shoes and play in the pond, it was nice that mom was holding one child as he sat on the edge and dangled his feet in, with grandma watching close by. The ponds are not supposed to be played in.
On our way home we stopped at the grocery store and got some really good deals on Naked fruit juice, a couple varieties were $0.99, that's pretty good when they're usually $2.50. As we were crossing the street to go home, a car stopped in the middle of the crosswalk and my dad almost walked into it (my dad's legally blind, so he walks with a white cane), so my dad tapped the back of the car a few times while we were walking behind it. I thought it was a nice way to get the point to them, but I also worried, if he does that a lot, what happens when he does it to someone's car who has road rage or a bad day or a gun in the car? I glared at the people as they turned the corner and looked back at us. They deserved it, they stopped in the middle of the crosswalk, and ignored a blind man walking.

I think tomorrow my feet are taking a break.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Needed to vent

I just had a chick come in and ask if we were hiring, I said no. As she walked out the door, her friend said They're not hiring? Nope. "Probably cause you is black" "Probably".
It couldn't just be because we're not hiring, that we've told every single person that's come in lately no. That we have enough people to cover all the times we're open. No, it must be because you are black. But, of course that would be against the law if we weren't gonna hire you because you were black. Here's a thought, if you're going to go around looking for a job, dress a little nicer, the capri sweat pants and T-shirt isn't really gonna have anyone begging you to work for them.
That's kind of annoying, I haven't seen one single person come in lately dressed nicely when they ask if we're hiring. Every person has been in jeans or sweat pants, I had a guy with a huge backpack on yesterday. I get that it's summertime and that everyone's looking for a summer job, but you should try to make a good impression.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What the hell is wrong with people?

How wrong is this? Security is going to be way tighter after that. I can't believe you can go in with a .22 and start shooting at a museum. Apparently the 88-year-old guy has "a violent and virulently anti-Semitic past". And shooting up the Holocaust Museum in D.C. is how you get people to listen to you. Most likely people are going to be against anti-Sematics even more now than they were before.

Monday, June 08, 2009

When the President does it, it's not against the law

I watched Frost Nixon yesterday/today. It's a really good movie. It's about the interview that David Frost does with former President Nixon after he resigned from office. Granted, I wasn't alive in the 70's, so I don't know how the original interview went (except for the clips in the bonus features on the DVD), but I thought it was really good. I think a person should watch All the President's Men, about the two reporters Woodward and Bernstein blowing Watergate wide open, and then watch Frost Nixon. I'm pretty sure I had to watch All the President's Men in school, unfortunately Frost Nixon is rated R, but I think it would be a pretty good one for kids to watch in school as well.
I have a habit of watching movies twice in pretty quick succession. Usually when I'm watching a movie for the first time, it's in the evening when I'm tired. Last night, I was half listening to the radio as we had a tornado watch going on while we were watching the movie, so today I watched it again with my full attention span. Very good, I'm gonna have to go out and buy it now.

Also, in news, I will be going to Hawaii at the end of the year. I am very excited, we'll be there almost 2 weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did a local event called and Art Walk here on Friday night, where I displayed my art work: quite a few ATC's, the scrapbook page/framed piece I did for Kevin, and a few other pieces I have done in the past, check out my art blog here for some posts on the other pieces I showed. It was pretty fun, I chatted with a lot of people about my art, and I sold 4 ATC's, I was really excited about that. Now, I need to get more ATC's up on my Etsy store. I hope people will be as interested in them there as they were on the art walk.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

She blinded me with science

I've been wanting to do a meme for awhile. Today, I found an email from Goddess with a link to this meme. Perfect. This is from I aim to misbehave by way of Goddess.

A - Age: 26 in a little over a month.

B - Bed size: Twin?

C - Chore you hate: The dishes, I have a tendency to leave them piled up in the sink until they start growing mold. So, it's my own fault, I should just learn to do them at least once every couple of days.

D - Dog's name: I don't have a dog, I have a guinea pig named Val.

E - Essential start your day item: a voicemail from Kevin. He works nights and calls me before he goes to bed in the morning, it doesn't feel like a new day until I get to hear his voice.

F - Favorite color: Bluish green. I love green and blue mixed together, not turquoise mind you, just those two colors mixed, like a mix of yarn or fiber.

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: I like white gold, it's a little different but not obscenely expensive.

H - Height: 5'8"

I - Instruments you play: I don't play instruments

J - Job title: Cashier/artist/house staff

K - Kid(s): none

L - Living arrangements: 3rd floor of an over 100 year old house that has been home to a Victorian family, sorority, fratrenity, and apartment house over the years.

M - Mom's name: Sharon

N - Nicknames: weink, weinkermeyer, TheFrogPrincess

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: none

P - Pet Peeve: Stupidity.

Q - Quote from a movie: Not even God knows what you're doing. It's Herbie Hancock.

R - Right handed or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: Older brother.

T - Time you wake up: somewhere in-between 8 and 10AM

U- Underwear: What's the question, yes I have underwear, yes, I'm wearing underwear, but you don't get to know what kind.

V - Vegetable you dislike: asaparagus, brussels sprouts, artichoke as/in anything but dip.

W - Ways you run late: procrastination

X - X-rays you've had: teeth and one for a kidney stone awhile back

Y - Yummy food you make: like from scratch? I rarely cook, but my bread pudding is pretty good

Z - Zoo favorite: lions, tigers, meercats, fish. I'm a huge fan of zoos and aquariums.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

if I could just crash here tonight

My parents are planning a cruise to/around Hawaii for the end of this year/the beginning of next year and my dad had me looking at dates/prices. The lowest price for the dates he had me looking at was $899 PER PERSON. I think that's a little much. Think of all the other things you could spend $900 on. I mean if you really wanted to spend that much money on me, I could think of a couple other things I need like a new power strip for my computer, an external hard drive so I could set my computer back to the restore point, a new MP3 player, a couple HD TV's so I could see the edges of TV shows, a nice TV stand for my bedroom, digital antennas, a new swimsuit for this season, money for other things. I'm sure I could rack up $900 worth of stuff I need that's not a vacation that I can enjoy once (ok, pictures and souveneirs you enjoy more than once, but still). Granted I do like vacations and it's always fun to get away, but I'd really like to have those things I need instead.
I have/had a giant power strip/box thingie for my computer that has been acting up lately. It's called a CyberPower 525SL, it's a box thing with 6 outlets in it, plus a serial cable to plug into your computer (not really sure if that does anything though), it's got 3 outlets that run on battery and 3 that only run when the power strip is turned on. Anyway, it's been flicking itself on and off for the past couple of days. I noticed it Sunday, it clicks on and off, but I couldn't figure out what the hell the noise was. Then last night, I realized it was coming from the vicinity of my computer tower (the power strip sits on top of it under my desk), and I turned the computer off, then noticed it was the power strip, so I turned that off, thinking if it was off for a little while that would cure it (always works for the computer). Today, I turned it back on, still did it, then I unplugged it, plugged it back in, same thing. Finally I disconnected it, and plugged everything into the wall. Luckily I have 2 outlets (2 plugins each) cause I'm in a corner, and I only have 5 plugs, I decided I didn't need the speakers plugged in all the time, especially since I rarely use them. So, now I have to go buy me a power strip. Nothing like spending money you don't really have.