Wednesday, December 09, 2009

We're shovelin' shovelin' shovelin' all day long

Ya know, I used to love snow as a kid, but now that I have to shovel it, it's not nearly as much fun, not even today where pretty much all the city is getting a snow day. Of course, the reason they're getting that snow day is the blowing snow, the fact that it's +8 (without windchill) and the fact that we got somewhere around 11 inches of snow. That, is not fun conditions to be digging out of the 11 inches of snow. It took us (mom, dad, me and Kevin) about 2 hours to get all the sidewalks shoveled, the porch cleared off and the driveway cleared off. Kevin was using the snowblower on the driveway while dad and I shoveled the sidewalks. Right about when we were done with city sidewalks and going up to clear off the porch mom came out and said she would do the porch. After dad and I did all the heavy lifting, but of course that's what mom does.
Afterwards, Kevin and I went out to look for some food. We found that the bank, Fareway, McDonald's, Walmart, the Chinese Buffet, HyVee and Village Inn were open. Everything else we passed was closed. We didn't go to the west part of town, so I don't know what was open over there. It was so weird to be driving around in the middle of the day and there were at most 20 cars on the roads, though there were quite a few people out walking around, mostly college students.
Tonight the low is -14 and tomorrow the high is 10. I hate winter in Iowa, but like someone told me yesterday, you deal with it or move. I choose to deal and complain when we get stuff like this.

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